Knockanure Notes

Knockanure Notes

Knockanure Notes – 12th September, 2007

THOUGHT: Some people bring great happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go” Kathleen Corrigan.NEW Moon on Sept 11th, we are having marvellous fine weather at present, it is very welcome after the long wet spell. Apples, plums, haws and blackberries ate nearly ripe, a big proportion of plums and blackberries are diseased and inedible.The […] Read More

Knockanure Notes – 5th September, 2007

CHURCH owns about 2,000 hospitals, clinics and rest homes in Italy, in Rome they have, 250 schools, 580 institutes, convents and monasteries, 18 hospitals, and 65 rest homes.THOUGHT: This did not once so trouble me, That better I could not love thee; But now I feel and know, That only when we love, we find, […] Read More