The parish of Moyvane is rich in artistic talent and has produced some fine
musicians, poets and drama performers over the years. It was often in the Marian
Hall where the villagers came to hear the finest of music, see acts of comedy,
and be enthralled by the old story-tellers.

Past performances there have included the well known ‘seanchaí’ Eddie Lenihan,
who told of fierce mythical battles involving the Fianna, as well as poetry
recitals by our own Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Dan Keane and Cormac

A myriad of ‘talent’ shows have been held in the Hall over the years that gave welcome opportunities to the young locals to sing and play music in front of their neighbours. These shows would culminate in brilliant comedy sketches bringing the night to an end amid rapturous laughter and applause.

We have included here for you now, a snippet of the culture of the village in spoken and written word. (Just click the links below!)

Boghole Boys

In 2004, Gabriel Fitzmaurice presented a radio show on Radio Kerry called ‘The Boghole Boys’. Most of North Kerry were glued to the wireless each Monday night to hear the stories, songs, music and poems being performed by people from Moyvane, Knockanure and the surrounding parishes.

Here are the full recordings from four of our pubs along with another show where some of the more famous local poets and singers performed in the studio. All audio downloads are in Windows Media Audio format (.wma).



Story-telling too is a treasured gift that has found plenty of expression in Moyvane.  Sometimes the ‘sean-chai’ would come from outside the parish but here are some told by natives:


The Songs of Moyvane and its surrounding area are many, varied and surprisingly unknown. With the help of this website, they will get a rebirth so that they may be carried on to future generations.


Here is a tribute to some native people of Moyvane who have carried on the tradition of Irish music and culture to other parts of the world: