Newtown vs Tarbert

by Paddy Enright

So we’ll give three cheers for the Newtown team,
Who never let us down.
Some people said before they played
They’d be beat by Tarbert town.
But the match was not long started,
When the Tarbert team could see,
They were up against a better team,
Than Abbey Street Tralee.

We had everyone from Tarbert,
Both old women and old men;
They were told by Steven Lenihan,
That the Tarbert team would win.
They came by motors and by bus,
By traps and asses cars,
A For it was their whole intention,
To defeat the Boro stars.

Now the game is in full motion,
Each man is doing his best,
When two of those Tarbert boys,
Thought Brosnan they could test,
But Con brought off that usual stunt,
As he oftimes did before
Sure he beats his men down through the field,
And a lovely point did score.

Now here’s a health to Brosnan,
That far famed midfield boy,
And the tactics of Paud Sullivan,
Were something to admire.
The O’Callaghans and Flavin,
No doubt they’re right good men,
With the three Finucanes from Gale Bridge,
And young Sheehy from the Glen.

We shout aloud for we are proud,
To see them here today,
For when the daisies bloom again,
Some will be far away.

Now here’s a health to Kearney,
Mick Roche and Connie Joe,
And it’s where to find three better boys,
It’s just what I don’t know.
And a loud three cheers for Prendeville,
For Stevie Stack and James,
So may God.bless all the Boro boys,
Who play the Gaelic games.

The Tarbert boys to our surprise,
The second half played great,
But it was no use and a poor excuse,
They were half an hour too late!
For when the final whistle went,
The boys in gold and green,
They had won the day by honest play,
At twelve points to nineteen.

We then left out the sportsfield,
And for John R’s we went,
Some had money to throw away,
While more of us hadn’t a cent.
But the whiskey went in glasses round,
And porter went sky high,
For there were Yankees there from Broadway,
And they left the greenbacks fly!

Next I came across Pat Sheehan,
He was making awful noise,
Says Pat “I’ll never leave Listowel,
Till I treat the Boro boys”
“You will not” says Mick Collins
“Sure it is my time to treat”.
“If I don’t get my turn” says Conasheen,
“I’m going down Church Street.”

“Well now,” says Thade Mahoney “Boys,
Sure I honestly do think,
That there is no need for arguments,
But let ye shove on more drink!”.

Note: This game referred to in verse was played in the period 1932/1935.