The Rattle Away Breed

by Paddy O’ Connor

I have written you verses full ninety five score,

On Hurling and football and fashion galore,

Camogie and racing and coursing as well,

From famous Clounanna to lovely Clonmel.

But I’m finished with hurling and football and togs,

For it’s plain to be seen that I’m going to the dogs.

Now I take up my pen with unusual speed,

For to write you a verse on the Rattle-Away Breed.

In Clonmel at the Derby we saw sixty four,

Of Ireland’s best puppies in action once more.

Each one there determined to bear home the Cup,

Though some that we saw, faith! they were hairy old pups.

Of the sixty and three there was none fit to lead,

The little red dog of the Rattle-Away Breed.

When his name was called out Dainty Man cocked his ear,

Then as fit as a fiddle we saw him appear.

He walked into slips as if he owned the park,

How he wagged his big tail at the slightest remark.

Twas no nickname at all for the dog “All Forlorn”,

His chances of victory to pieces were torn,

“Take him home”, Greaney shouted, “And give him a feed,

He’s no match for my dog of the Rattle-Away Breed”.

With our hearts stout and brave and with Pussy in view,

Sure the brindled dog there met his first Waterloo.

To slips with the dog from the Blackwaterside,

Sure a Kerryman’s courage can ne’er be denied.

Though running unsighted behind the great hare,

No one for one moment are we in despair.

The cradle of coursing it is famed Ballyduff,

In Tommyo’s kennel you’ll find the right stuff,

With that soar to sweep over the watery plains,

And the bluest of blood running right through their veins.

However, to Tommy the honour must go,

For there’s nought in the game that this genius don’t know.

Being a sportsman a thousand times over indeed,

It was famous for years in the O’Sullivan breed.

Three cheers for Tom Connor to give now we must,

That his hammer and anvil might never show rust.

That we may all in the future around Newtownsandes

See more Coneen Brosnans and more Dainty Mans.

Then our heart with emotion were ready to bleed,

When the Derby was won by the Rattle-Away Breed.