The Rose of Newtownsandes

One evening fair to take the air
As the summer sun went down,
My heart being gay sure I chanced to stray
Towards the village of sweet Newtown.
In a neat abode longside the road
Where a nice plantation stands,
And in it there dwells my lovely belle,
She’s the Rose of Newtownsandes.

Her nut-brown hair I cannot compare
With anything I’ve seen;
Her snow-white neck the heart would wreck
Of any human being;
Her ivory teeth and snow-white feet
Are fairer than the swan’s;
She’s the lovely maid I’ll see someday
She’s the Rose of Newtownsandes.

Oh I’d give all the diamonds
If she was only mine
And all the lands along the Bann
The water and the tide.
Oh! ‘Tis not for me or it could never be
That we’d join up in wedlock bands:
She’s that lovely maid that I’ll see one day.
She’s the lovely Rose of Newtownsandes.

Oh! I’d give all the earthly treasures
For to gain this fair one’s heart
And all the gold and silver now
That glitters o’er the land.
Oh! Americay lies far away
With scenery so grand
But there’s nothing there that I can compare
With the Rose of Nwtownsandes.

Oh! ’tis the time to close in sweet repose.
‘Tis time to draw nigh,
So Irishmen from hill and glen,
I bid you all goodbye.
Oh! fare thee well for ever
Till in some distant land,
My bones might mingle in the clay
For the Rose of Newtownsandes.

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Note: The “Rose of Newtownsandes” competition is takes place yearly in Moyvane during the “Festival” held on the October Bank Holiday Weekend. The winner of this competition is then eligible to compete for the Kerry Rose Entry to the “Rose of Tralee” competition.
On Sunday night, October 24th 1999, the “Rose of Newtownsandes” Title was won by the lovely Ciara Moloney, Murher, Moyvane. We wish her luck in the future and hope that she is successful in the “Kerry Rose” competition.