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  1. Beth Leahy

    I have an ancestor, Timothy Leahy of Lots (c1860) from Knockanure. I would like to know where or what is “Lots”? I have tried to find out online and only come up with “lots for sale.”Thank you.

  2. Sarah

    My grand mother Elizabeth Enright born (1919) sister to Sr.Mary, Danny and Body from Moyvane married Michael Quirke. Any relations or information would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Bronwen Davis

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia.
    I am researching my 3rd great-grandparents who were married in Moyvane in early 1833: Florence McAuliffe (? born 1796) and Ellen Healy (? born 1814). Information shows their denomination as being RC and Ellen was noted to reside in Kilmeany at that time. Marriage witnesses were Patrick McAuliffe and Martin McAuliffe. They then resided in Listowel with Ellen passing in 1870 and Florence passing in 1874. Many of their children emigrated from Listowel to Australia in 1860s. I have not been able to find earlier information for Florence and Ellen.
    I would be grateful to hear from anyone who might have further information on either Florence or Ellen.

    • Jer Kennelly

      Contact me I have information on Patrick McAuliffe poet born 1896 from a big family.

      • Michelle Jones Pollack

        Jer –
        Thanks for posting the information on my uncle, Patrick McAuliffe. What a treasure to have his poetry after all these years. Of note, Pat was also an artist, fiddle player, ventriloquist and singer. I shared your post with our family Facebook group – thanks again!

        On another note – Bronwen Davis, it does not appear that you are directly related to our branch of the McAuliffe clan. You may be interested in the McAuliffe Heritage Centre in Cork – they have a Facebook page, periodic gatherings of the Clan and lots of McAuliffe history. Best of luck with your search.

      • Michelle Jones Pollack

        Thanks for posting this Jer. I suspect the original poster might be from a different branch of the McAuliffe family.
        Patrick McAuliffe was my uncle – thanks so much for posting this information – having his poems is priceless.

  4. Kathleen Quinlivan

    Hello Moyvane! Greetings from the town of Orchard Park in the beautiful Buffalo/Niagara region of western New York State. I discovered your website while searching for information about the poet, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, and was delighted to read the information about him on your “People” web page.
    Much to my dismay, however, of the 11 individuals listed on this particular page, there is no mention of any women. Just curious as to why this is the case, and hoping you will let me know.
    Many thanks,
    Kathleen Quinlivan

  5. Mary Egan Dufault

    Sitting here in Worcester, Massachusetts missing Moyvane and all our friends from Moyvane. What a difference a years makes – I hope you are all well and safe!

    Mary Egan Dufault

  6. Debbie

    Hi, I’m trying to find out details about the O’Flaherty/Flaherty/Scanlon lines from Moyvane. Particularly any descendants that moved to England, or possibly spent time on the Isle of Wight. Many thanks

  7. Paul Buckley

    Re posting in case anyone has any further info 🙂

    Jeremiah Buckley – Bridget O’Connor

    I’ve hit a brick wall researching my great grandparents. Jeremiah Buckley – Bridget O’Connor, both lived in Newtownsandes 1870s-1940s. They had three sons, John (Jack) Buckley who remained in the village until he died in 1987, Maurice (my grandfather) who moved to England and Jeremiah who emigrated to New York.

    Any information on any of the above would be gratefully received as I’m struggling to find out anything from the usual sources !

    Thanks in advance

  8. Donna McGreevy


    I am helping a friend with some research into her family. The woman’s relatives are Buckleys from Kealid/Derry. They were Buckleys, children of Timothy and Ellen Walsh and the emigrated to Chicago in 1880’s. In advance of a visit we were wondering if anyone would know where this family of Buckleys are buried? Mary Buckley was the woman’s name and her siblings included Ellen Buckley (married JeremiahO’Connor), Margaret, Patrick, Mary, Johanna, Honora, Michael, Timothy, Eliza, Michael and Catherine. Many thanks.

    • Eileen Walsh

      Eliza Buckley married John M Hanrahan in 1883 in Moyvane parish. They lived in Kilbaha South.

  9. Chris Robertson

    You are probably correct, my hope is that I can get in touch with one of original the Mulvihill families that first settled in Moyvane and see if they might have some historical insight.

    • Edward Mulvihill

      Hi my family are Mulvihills from Leitrim East Moyvane we will make enquiries and get back to you, I live in Wexford

      • Chris Robertson

        Thank you Edward! Feel free to reach out to me directly at
        [email protected]
        thanks again!

        • Edward Mulvihill

          Hi Chris

          Apologies we have no further information at present but if we come across anything we will send info to your email address.

          Kind regards

          Eddie Mulvihill

          • Chris Robertson

            Thank you for checking. Anyone else you can think of that I might be able to reach out to?
            thanks again,

  10. Chris Robertson

    Hello Moyvane!
    I am looking for some genealogy assistance with the Mulvihill’s (Mulville). My wife and I met several wonderful people and the Pastor when we visited Moyvane in August of 2017 as our daughter was the 2017 Washington DC Rose of Tralee and we were in Tralee for the festival.
    We are looking for relatives of Michael Mulvihill and Honora Mullins who were pioneer settler of Newton (Sandes?) . They had a son Timothy, born 1831 who came to America in 1853 via Canada. They also had a son John ( my direct line), who was born around 1814 and ended up in Edina Missouri, USA and died in 1895. He was married to Margaret Roach from County Limerick. We don’t know if they were married when the immigrated to the US. We have hit a brick wall in getting past this point. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    • Martin Moore

      Unlikely to get any further, I’m afraid.

      Michael Mulvihill, probably is from Moyvane [formerly Newtown Sandes]

      Honora Mullins is unlikely to be from North Kerry [but this cannot be ruled out as there was a Mullins family in Tarbert]

      So, if looking in Kerry, you need to focus in on Michael. Presume you have looked at [It is free]

      Any trace of the Mulvihill Mullins marriage record?

      Martin Moore, Tralee

      • Chris Robertson

        You are probably correct, my hope is that I can get in touch with one of original the Mulvihill families that first settled in Moyvane and see if they might have some historical insight.

  11. John Fitzpatrick

    Just a note of thanks to all who attended The Rambling House on Thursday 7th November 2019. We were visiting from Sheffield, UK. My mother Joan Fitzpatrick sang ‘The Green Glens of Antrim’ and ‘Dear Kingwilliamstown’. This was a great evening of huge local talent and we delighted to be a part of it. We will think of you all with fond memories.
    John and Joan Fitzpatrick


    Hi Paul, I’d be interested in seeing your Michael and Honora tree and seeing if you have and Edward and son Dennis in the line.
    Ken Duckett from the Hanlon/Stack family

  13. mary barrett

    anyone in Newtown know of a Lynch family that were known as the “long Lynchs” supposedly there were from Glasha I heard one of them was a mailman in Newtown at one time.

  14. Kevin Quinn

    Hello, Some years back, my dad John Quinn discovered he had relatives in Moyvane. I think he was found by a cousin or second cousin named Rory Bunce. Their mutual relation was a man named Thaddeus Bunce who departed from a place named Newtown Sands as a teenager in the late 1800’s. Dad is trying to dig up Rory’s email for me because I may have a chance to visit SW Ireland in Feb 2020. If anyone can connect me with Rory or one of his relatives in the area, I’d be very grateful. Thanks very much, Kevin Quinn

    • kevin quinn

      Sad to have received no replies. I drove thru Moyvane with my family in Feb 2020 just to have a look around at where my great-grandfather came from. If anyone knows of a connection/relative of Thaddeus S. Bunce from Newtownsandes born around 1856 pleas contact me. He apparently emigrated when he was 16 to a town in eastern Pennsylvania where he had an uncle who was a priest. He later became a doctor after attending U. Penn, married and had children in Philadelphia before passing away in 1892.

      • Rory Bunce

        Hello Kevin,

        Unfortunately, I only saw your message today and obviously you’ve been and gone many months ago. I have some information on Thaddeus and his siblings in the USA, as well as the siblings who remained in Ireland. You can email me at [email protected] if you want to get in touch.

      • Anna Maria Kennelly

        Hello Kevin,
        I think I can give quite a lot of information if you will contact me on [email protected].

  15. Mary Sandner

    Hi, My name is Mary Sandner. I am looking for my g-grandfather Michael Bryan (?) COX HIs year of birth is 1864. He was born in Asdee, county Kerry. I have been looking for him for a long time. The year of birth listed on his death certifcate in San Francisco, Calfornia is a little different from what I have been able to find for him. I am hoping that I can get confirmtion or perhaps a little help from any interested person willing to lend me a hand. I found him and his wife Nora (MURPHY) in New York. They had their first child in new York in 1890. From New york they moved and remained in San Francisco. California. I am not sure, but think his father was Robert COX and his mother Mary QUINN. Again I am looking for some confirmtion as to the acuracy of the information. I would love to hear from a COX or QUINN family who are still in county Kerry to help me with my confirmation of my research.
    I would like to offer my willingness to do some research in San Francsico if that would be of help to you.
    Thank you for your help.

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