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  1. David Sullivan in Guestbook


    I am seeking ancestral information on my 4th Gr Grandfather James M. MULVIHILL married to Catherine COLLINS. Their son Nicholas MULVIHILL (my 3rd Gr. Grandfather) info is as follows:

    BIRTH 1796 INNetownsandes/Moyvanne, Listowell, County Kerry, Kerry, Munster, Ireland
    DEATH 1866 • Murher, Leitrim Middle, Moyvane, Kerry, Munster, Ireland. Their other children that I know of are: Catherine, Bridget, Johanna, Margaret Alice, Martin & Michael.

    Nicholas was married to Mary KENNELLY and her info is:

    BIRTH 26 SEP 1791 • Newtownsandes (Moyvanne), Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland
    DEATH 27 SEP 1870 • Ballyrehan, Lixnaw, Kerry, Ireland

    Margaret Alice MULVIHILL is my 2nd Great Grandmother and her info is:
    BIRTH 12 APR 1831 • Newtownsandes/Moyvane, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland

    DEATH 03 JAN 1909 • Sherwood Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.

    Baptism record I have for Margaret Alice MULVIHILL states she was from Leitrim as well as listing Moyvane (Parish, Church, Congregation) and her sponsors were Thomas CONNOR and Mary CONNELL.

    We are planning a trip to Ireland in early Sept 2024 and would like to pay our respects to my Great Grandparents by visiting near or as close as I can get to where they were from. If I were to actually meet relative there is would be a wonderful added bonus.

    My sincere gratitude and kindest regards to anyone that can be of assistance.

    David Sullivan

    • David McGinnis

      David – I would very much like to hear more about Mary Kennelly as my wife believes her Kennelly line most likely connects to the Leitrim townland Kennellys from 1790-1835 or so. Do you know who her parents and any siblings were? If so, could you please share it to me at [email protected]? Thanks!
      Dave McGinnis (for Sheila Kennelly McGinnis)

  2. Elizabeth Ahern in Guestbook

    Hello. I’m looking for assistance in tracking down the family who have a farm on Drombeg area of Moyvane.

    Back in 1999 my mother and I visited the farm and Moss and Bridie Keane (and sadly they have both passed, may they Rest in Peace). I am meeting with my Uncle and his family the weekend of 18-19 May and was hoping to stop there as this was the ancestral farm of my great great grandfather Patrick Cordon.

    I believe the farm maybe with one of their children. Please link back if you have any information to share.

    Elizabeth Ahern
    087 619 7678

  3. Mike Cashman in Guestbook

    I have just seen the info about Enrights Bar.
    This is a long shot but my great-great-grandfather was Nicholas Enright, a stonemason. We always understood he was from Limerick but there seem to be more links (DNA matches for me with “Enright” in their family tree) with Listowel and also with the surname McElligut. His son Michael Joseph Enright was born 1844 and so Nicolas may have been a contemporary of Dan Enright of Enrights Bar. He moved to London and we think had died by 1851; his wife Bridget “Henright” is shown then as a widow.
    Any clues as to Nicolas Enright’s family and whether he might have been related to Dan Enright would be much appreciated
    As it happens I am in Listowel now but only for one night! I would have posted earlier if I had found this forum before now.

  4. Helen Adams-Keane in Guestbook

    My husband, Peter Keane and I are travelling to Ireland next week and will stay one night in Listowel, in the hopes of learning more about the whereabouts of my husband’s mother’s family — the McEnerys who lived in Moyvane. His uncle was Denis McEnery who died in 2012, and he also had several aunts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Nicholas Warrington

      Anna Maria Kennelly was a McEnery I think before she was married.
      She runs this site and still lives in Moyvane so hope she replies soon.
      I’ll be over from the UK next week and can’t wait!

      • Brian Horton

        Enjoy Nicholas!

  5. Anna Maria Kennelly in Guestbook

    Hi Jacqueline, If you would like to contact me at the following email address I have quite a bit of information for you including a picture of Chrissie. (The Dunnes always called her Chrissie)
    My email address is [email protected]

  6. Jacqueline in Guestbook

    Hi, I’m hoping to make contact with members of the Dunne family of Dromurhur or anyone who may remember the household in the 40’s/50’s. In 1934, when Catherine & John’s eldest child was a few weeks old, they boarded out a toddler from the County Home. Her name was Christina Maher and we know she was still living with the family in the 1950’s. Her foster siblings included John, Daniel, Patrick, Mary, William, Denis, James & Thomas. We would dearly love to hear of any memories of Christina, her life, her work, when & why she moved on. We know she returned in the late 1990s to pay a visit shortly before Catherine’s death. However, she never spoke of her early life so it’s a mystery; we’d be delighted if there any any photos in existence. We really hope someone is able to help, albeit going back in time quite a bit! We visited Kerry earlier this year but unfortunately didn’t have the time to visit Moyvane though we are due to return. Thank you for reading this!

    • Jer Kennelly

      Please Contact me
      Jer Kennelly

      • Jacqueline

        Hi Jer,
        Thank you for post, did you know Chris?

  7. John Leman in Guestbook

    My name is John Leman. I currently reside in Douglas, Wyoming, U. S. A. Here, I own and operate my own cattle ranch.
    About 20 years ago, I traveled to Knockanure to look up family relatives on my grandmother’s side (William and Nora O’Sullivan). I was delighted to be make my acquaintance with Ann Woods, her husband Jerry and their children. At that time, both Ann and Jerry operated Flynn’s Bar. I was also introduced to Ann’s mother Margaret. I have since lost contact with Ann and would very much like to reconnect with her if possible.

    If anyone in Knockanure reading this would be able to help me in this endeavor, I would be most grateful. I will fill in my name and email contact below.

    Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

    Kind regards,

    John Leman

    • Ann Woods

      Hi John lovely to hear from you again

      • Ann Woods

        I would be very grateful if I could get in contact with John

        • John Leman

          Hello Ann,

          It was wonderful to hear from you again. I will give you an email address in this reply. If you would be so kind to acknowledge you received it, I will respond to you in more detail. the Email is as follows: [email protected]
          I very much look forward to hearing back from you .
          With kind regards,

  8. Stephen Giles in Guestbook


    I wonder if anyone could help me.

    My family history has led me here to this village. I am looking for any information on the Kennelly family. My Great Grandmother was Mary Kennelly (07 03 1918 – 1980/1) who was born in the village, and outside of that I know next to nothing of her connection here. So much so I don’t even know who her parents were! I’m hoping that being such a small village that there was only one Kennelly family.

    I don’t suppose anyone would have any history on the family? What is curious is that she met my great grandfather (Denis Carroll) who resided in Waterford. Which is some distance. Was it common to travel so far? My mother tells me that Mary worked in service in a big house as a cook, I gather this would be in Waterford though!

    Any information on the family would be most welcome.

    Thank you!

  9. Fiona Brennan in Guestbook

    Can anyone help with my research on the history of amateur drama in Kerry? Interested in talking about Fr. Hickey and who might have photos, like those on your website, and about those people who were involved and amateur drama in North Kerry. Thank you!

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      I will give you some information Fiona. I was one of Fr. Hickey’s group when he was in Moyvane.

  10. Fiona Brennan in Guestbook

    I am interested in speaking with Amy one from Moyvane about amateur drama and the photos on your website. I am doing research in amateur drama history in Kerry.

    Many thanks,
    Fiona Brennan

  11. Martin Moore in Guestbook

    Thanks for mention of my new book, ‘A Kerry Odyssey’. Some local men who served with the Australians and New Zealanders in World war 1 are included.

    Martin Stack of Kilbaha enlised in the Australian Imperial Forces in July 1915, but by 1919 had deserted and returned to Ireland. He was apprehended at Listowel in March 1919 and returned to England. Edmond Cronin of Knockanure served with the New Zealanders at Gallipoli and was killed in France in May 1917.

  12. Richard Harty in Guestbook

    From: Richard HARTY Message Body: I remember my mother Ida Keating reminiscing about growing up in Moyvane and Maudie and all the Cunninghams, the McElligots, Mamie Quinn and how to …
    … the tune was played in Moyvane the tune was called, “Down Though Bally.” Does anyone know the real name? — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Moyvane – The Middle Plain ( )

  13. Becky Clark in Guestbook

    I am researching my great-grandfather, Michael J. Downs (1859-1936) and his half-brother Daniel W. Hartnett (1852-1904) who were both born in Newtown and moved to America as adults between 1870 and 1887.

    Their mother was Ellen Walsh of Leitrim. Ellen married Daniel Hartnett Senior in Ahalahana in 1840 and later married Patrick Downes of Newtown in 1858. (Hence the half-brothers noted above.)

    Sometime after 1858 Ellen Walsh and her second husband Patrick Downs moved to Athea, Limerick where Ellen died in 1901. Her father was Michael Walsh of Leitrim. Her mother was possibly Mary Scanlon.

    I am looking for Walshes who may be related. Also looking for Hartnetts, Enrights, Culhanes and McCarthys who were cousins to my great-uncle Dan Hartnett. All moved to the same neighborhood in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania between 1850 and 1880. Wondering if they followed one another from the Moyvane/Leitrim area during those years to work in South Bethlehem, PA.

    From the guestbook I see many Walshes, Culhanes, Enrights and Scanlons and am looking for possible connections as I am planning a visit to Moyvane and would love to learn more.

  14. Lora Kraus in Guestbook

    My name is Lora Kraus and my great grandmother, Nora O’Connor, was born in NewtownSandes around 1872. Her mother was Johanna O’Connor. Nora’s older brother Maurice and older sister Johanna immigrated to America (St. Paul, Minnesota), with Nora following around 1890. Her younger brother Michael came shortly after. Family stories were that there were other siblings including a Dan who remained in Ireland. Nora married my great grandfather John O’Sullivan in 1900 and raised their family in St. Paul.

    My grandpa was Maurice O’Sullivan and my mom, who is no longer with us, was Patricia O’Sullivan. Several family members including myself, have been fortunate enough to visit Moyvane and spent time with relatives, Mary Catherine (and Dick) Fitzmaurice and Katy (and Mick) Walsh. As I have gone through my mother’s things, I have found many cards and letters from Katy and Mary Catherine. In addition, there were notes from Gabriel Fitzmaurice to my grandpa and my mom.

    I would so love to learn who my great great grandfather was, Johanna Connor’s husband (possibly John based on baptismal certificates). And to confirm the relationship to Katy and Mary Catherine. Were they sisters and was their father Dan Connor? I am hoping someone may recognize a name or be able to point me in the right direction.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

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