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  1. Donna McGreevy


    I am helping a friend with some research into her family. The woman’s relatives are Buckleys from Kealid/Derry. They were Buckleys, children of Timothy and Ellen Walsh and the emigrated to Chicago in 1880’s. In advance of a visit we were wondering if anyone would know where this family of Buckleys are buried? Mary Buckley was the woman’s name and her siblings included Ellen Buckley (married JeremiahO’Connor), Margaret, Patrick, Mary, Johanna, Honora, Michael, Timothy, Eliza, Michael and Catherine. Many thanks.

  2. Chris Robertson

    You are probably correct, my hope is that I can get in touch with one of original the Mulvihill families that first settled in Moyvane and see if they might have some historical insight.

    • Edward Mulvihill

      Hi my family are Mulvihills from Leitrim East Moyvane we will make enquiries and get back to you, I live in Wexford

      • Chris Robertson

        Thank you Edward! Feel free to reach out to me directly at
        [email protected]
        thanks again!

        • Edward Mulvihill

          Hi Chris

          Apologies we have no further information at present but if we come across anything we will send info to your email address.

          Kind regards

          Eddie Mulvihill

          • Chris Robertson

            Thank you for checking. Anyone else you can think of that I might be able to reach out to?
            thanks again,

  3. Chris Robertson

    Hello Moyvane!
    I am looking for some genealogy assistance with the Mulvihill’s (Mulville). My wife and I met several wonderful people and the Pastor when we visited Moyvane in August of 2017 as our daughter was the 2017 Washington DC Rose of Tralee and we were in Tralee for the festival.
    We are looking for relatives of Michael Mulvihill and Honora Mullins who were pioneer settler of Newton (Sandes?) . They had a son Timothy, born 1831 who came to America in 1853 via Canada. They also had a son John ( my direct line), who was born around 1814 and ended up in Edina Missouri, USA and died in 1895. He was married to Margaret Roach from County Limerick. We don’t know if they were married when the immigrated to the US. We have hit a brick wall in getting past this point. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    • Martin Moore

      Unlikely to get any further, I’m afraid.

      Michael Mulvihill, probably is from Moyvane [formerly Newtown Sandes]

      Honora Mullins is unlikely to be from North Kerry [but this cannot be ruled out as there was a Mullins family in Tarbert]

      So, if looking in Kerry, you need to focus in on Michael. Presume you have looked at [It is free]

      Any trace of the Mulvihill Mullins marriage record?

      Martin Moore, Tralee

      • Chris Robertson

        You are probably correct, my hope is that I can get in touch with one of original the Mulvihill families that first settled in Moyvane and see if they might have some historical insight.

  4. John Fitzpatrick

    Just a note of thanks to all who attended The Rambling House on Thursday 7th November 2019. We were visiting from Sheffield, UK. My mother Joan Fitzpatrick sang ‘The Green Glens of Antrim’ and ‘Dear Kingwilliamstown’. This was a great evening of huge local talent and we delighted to be a part of it. We will think of you all with fond memories.
    John and Joan Fitzpatrick


    Hi Paul, I’d be interested in seeing your Michael and Honora tree and seeing if you have and Edward and son Dennis in the line.
    Ken Duckett from the Hanlon/Stack family

  6. mary barrett

    anyone in Newtown know of a Lynch family that were known as the “long Lynchs” supposedly there were from Glasha I heard one of them was a mailman in Newtown at one time.

  7. Kevin Quinn

    Hello, Some years back, my dad John Quinn discovered he had relatives in Moyvane. I think he was found by a cousin or second cousin named Rory Bunce. Their mutual relation was a man named Thaddeus Bunce who departed from a place named Newtown Sands as a teenager in the late 1800’s. Dad is trying to dig up Rory’s email for me because I may have a chance to visit SW Ireland in Feb 2020. If anyone can connect me with Rory or one of his relatives in the area, I’d be very grateful. Thanks very much, Kevin Quinn

  8. Mary Sandner

    Hi, My name is Mary Sandner. I am looking for my g-grandfather Michael Bryan (?) COX HIs year of birth is 1864. He was born in Asdee, county Kerry. I have been looking for him for a long time. The year of birth listed on his death certifcate in San Francisco, Calfornia is a little different from what I have been able to find for him. I am hoping that I can get confirmtion or perhaps a little help from any interested person willing to lend me a hand. I found him and his wife Nora (MURPHY) in New York. They had their first child in new York in 1890. From New york they moved and remained in San Francisco. California. I am not sure, but think his father was Robert COX and his mother Mary QUINN. Again I am looking for some confirmtion as to the acuracy of the information. I would love to hear from a COX or QUINN family who are still in county Kerry to help me with my confirmation of my research.
    I would like to offer my willingness to do some research in San Francsico if that would be of help to you.
    Thank you for your help.

  9. Tom Lyons

    Hello. I’m reaching out again in the hope of locating present day family. My Great grandparents, James Lyons of Larha & Margaret Sullivan of Kilimero were married on Feb 23 1879 in Ballybunion. Witnesses were Edmund Walsh & Ellen Walsh. Officiating priest was Rev M O’Connor.
    James & Margaret had, to my knowledge, 5 children
    Michael b1880 (my grandfather)
    Bridget b 1881
    Jeremiah b 1884
    James b 1886
    Thomas B 1888.
    Michael immigrated to New York in 1900. I don’t know if any siblings left Ireland.
    I often see the name ‘Lyons’ in this newsletter and wondered if any have a connection to my ancestors. I am planning a trip to Ireland later this year and was hoping to spend some time researching people, homes. churches and graveyards. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
    Tom Lyons
    [email protected]


    Fairly recently I saw posts of Conor Kinsella and Paul Buckley regarding Buckley families from around the area. I’m tracking the large family of Michael Buckley and Honora Shine of the Hill Gortdromasillahy, they were born about 1895 and it seems that many or all of their 11 children emigrated to around New York. From obituaries I have found 9 children Paddy, Liam, Cornelius,Marie, Fr Dennis, Edward (Ned), Fr Michael, Daniel J. Buckley and Joseph Vincent Buckley which shows 9. Has anybody got knowledge of this family and who and where the other two went.
    Conor and Paul are you happy for me to e mail yourselves?

    • Sean Buckley

      Hi Ken, I have the full family tree for Michael & Honora, One of their children , Daniel Joseph was my Father. He came over to England in the 1950’s. I have been back to Moyvane many times. Please get in touch as my own research came to a dead end. But I have lots of information and produced a family history in book form with photos. How are you interested / related ??

    • Nóirín

      Hi Ken,
      I am Michael and Honora’s granddaughter. You can email me at [email protected].

  11. Paul Buckley

    Jeremiah Buckley – Bridget O’Connor

    I’ve hit a brick wall researching my great grandparents. Jeremiah Buckley – Bridget O’Connor, both lived in Newtownsandes 1870s-1940s. They had three sons, John (Jack) Buckley who remained in the village until he died in 1987, Maurice (my grandfather) who moved to England and Jeremiah who emigrated to New York.

    Any information on any of the above would be gratefully received as I’m struggling to find out anything from the usual sources !

    Thanks in advance

    • Conor Kinsella

      Hi Paul my mother is a relation of Jeremiah Jack and Maurice Buckley Man is a daughter of John O’Connor of Glennalappa moyvane and Ellen Reidy Ballyheigue Jeremiah visited us many times in Wexford and we visited jack many times also

    • Paul Buckley

      I’ve found a bit more information about Bridget’s parents – They were John O Connor (born approx. 1826) and Kate/Catherine (born approx. 1838)

  12. Joe

    Hi, travelling to Tralee next weekend and I am looking to visit the memorial on the way. Would you please be able to give me directions?


  13. Tom Lyons

    Greetings and Happy New Year! My name is Tom Lyons and I live in New York City. My grandfather, Michael J Lyons was born Feb 6, 1880 in Killomero, Ballylongford to James Lyons & Margaret Sullivan. He was the oldest of, to my knowledge, 5 siblings. The remaining were Bridget b.1881, Jeremiah b.1884, James b.1886 & Thomas b. 1888. Michael came to New York around 1900 where hi aunt, Ellen Sullivan, introduced him to Ellen Butler from Knockanure. They married in 1902 and went on to have 11 children. I see here in the Moyvane Newsletter the mention of a Dano Lyons and Linda Lyons. I’m curious to know if either of them, or anyone reading this, has any connection to or knows of descendants of the Lyons or Butler family? I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for any information you may provide!

    • Tomasina Lyons

      Hi Tom, I’m Tom’s daughter (,Tom Lyons, son of Michael & Nora Lyons) if you’d like to contact me. – [email protected] James Lyons was my Dad’s grandfather. Awaiting your email.

      • Tom Lyons

        Thanks for your reply. I contacted you via email you provided. Awaiting your reply.

    • Martin Moore


      James Lyons of Larha married Margaret Sullivan of Killomoroe in Ballybunion Feb 1879.

      They had at least 5 children:- Michael, 1880; Bridget, 1881, Jeremiah, 1884, James [1886] and Thomas [1888].

      You can get these at

      • Tom Lyons

        Thank you Martin for taking the time to reply! Actually, the information I had came from the site you mentioned! It has helped me tremendously with my research. My interest was peaked when I saw the mention of a Dano Lyons & Linda Lyons in the newsletter. I know nothing of Michael’s siblings and was hoping to see that there were possibly descendants who still lived in the area. To my knowledge only Michael came to the States but not 100% sure. Again, thank you for your reply! Hopefully, after relocating from New York to Florida, I will have the opportunity to visit the area and walk the earth from where my roots are planted!

  14. Con Shanahan

    My great grandmother, Bridget Hoare (Hore) moved from North Kerry (possibly Moyvane) to Ballysteen, West Limerick along with her siblings during or shortly after the famine where she married my great grandfather Cornelius Shanahan in April 1858. Many years later, in 1905, her brother Simon Hoare was killed when he ‘fell from a common cart’ near Ballylongford on the Tarbert Road probably whilst visiting his relatives. The coroner’s report has not survived but a brief report of the accident was carried in a local newspaper. (All of the Simon’s children emigrated to the U.S. in the 1920’s). I have received information that there may be a connection between the Hoares and the Kearneys of Moyvane and would appreciate any information that might throw some light on this one way or the other.

  15. Geraldine

    Hello my name is Aimee Leigh Aherne I am 15,my dad was Micheal Anthony Aherne of Moyer Cross I do not have any contact with any of my dads family,Their choice would like to see old pics or hear from anyone who knew him,he died when I was seven please help me if you can thank you.

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