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  1. Patrick McDonnell

    Does anyone out there have information about a Hanrahan family from the 1830s and 1840s? Unknown Hanrahan and (possibly) Dorothy Clifford married. The following children were all born in County Kerry in the Moyvane / Listowel area. Most of them moved to the US.

    1. Deborah Hanrahan who married Daniel Keyes.
    2. Patrick Hanrahan who married Honora Carroll. He died between 1853-1854 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
    3. Edmund Hanrahan was who married Ellen Brown on 15 Jul 1848, while residing in Ballybunion.
    4. Bridget Hanrahan who married Maurice Galavan.
    5. Ellen Hanrahan who married James Joyce.
    6. Denis Hanrahan who married Honora Collins.

  2. Fiona Crawford

    Brilliant website, William O’ connor was my Daddy, he would have loved this website!!!! Only wish he could have seen it!!! Well done to all responsible!!

  3. liam bunce

    shock is the word on hearing of anthonys passing manys the good laugh we had together on the bus to school even the day with the shaved heads after misadventure lighting the openfire gerard and eamonn will remember this rip anthony liam and nancy chicago



  5. Betty Britton

    To whom it may concern,
    The funeral of Anthony Aherne, son of the late Sean and Aggie Aherne of Moher Cross,will take place on Thursday (2nd June ) 4 o’ clock at St.John Fisher and St.Thomas Moore Church,Rossington Avenue,Borehamwood Hertfordshire,England,and will be buried the following day leaving Rossington Ave.and going to Allum Lane Cemetery,Borehamwood.Thank you xxx

  6. Buddy Keane

    Mr. Thomas O’Grady, I read your recent note and it was a great surprise. Your father the late Thomas and I were first cousins, making your grandfather and my mother Bridie brother and sister. After I was married your father and I kind of lost contact. Therefore, to see your note was very welcomed.

  7. Paul Michael Enright

    My family comes from Ballylongford near Limrick and came to Canada in the early 1800’s and settled in the Toronto area. It is my understandig with talkink to a local pub owner and visiting graveyards that ther were 300 Enright familied in the area at that time.

  8. padraig horan

    to tom ogrady can you contact me as i cant get thru to your email my grandmother and your grandfather were brother and sister

  9. Patrick McDonnell

    Hello Moyvane:

    Interesting site.

    Catholic parish records show that my great grandfather, Thomas Keyes, was born in Ahalahana in 1840. His father was Daniel Keyes and his mother was Deborah Hanrahan. One of my great aunts, Mary Keyes (born 1835), married Richard Collins (son of Michael) in 1861. One of their daughters, Deborah Collins, married Michael Moriarty in 1887.

    Thomas Keyes came to Morgan County, Missouri, USA, in 1857. I don’t know the history of the other Keyes family members, though the family included Daniel and Robert (twins born in 1841), Mary (mentioned above), Deborah (b. 1852) and Richard (b. 1857).

    If anyone who visits your site has information about these families I would be interested in making contact.

  10. Thomas O'Grady

    I was hoping to track down some information regarding my grandfather. He was born in Moyvane on March 15th 1898 to Patrick and Bridget O’Grady. He studied at St. Michaels of Listowel and after his studies joined the IRA. He spent much of his time between the years 1916 and 1923 fighting for the cause and found himself in and out of political prisons. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. betty

    Just want to say Hello and say you do a great job
    with this site, I enjoy reading about people looking for relatives and friends, I am still looking for Somers, Scanlon, and Hurly families, I hope some day
    to get more.
    Keep up the good work,
    Regards Betty

  12. bill kelly

    i have changed address from [email protected] to [email protected] if any one is intrested.can you please shoe some more old photos thank you ,the best of luck to every one there.

  13. Cathy Umbers

    Please can anyone identify this north Kerry church? The photograph was taken about 1983. It was the parish church of a Michael J O’Connell (about 1880 to 1941), the grandfather of a lady now living in the USA.

    I am trying to help her identify her grandfather’s parish. On a visit to Kerry last summer, I found St Michael’s in Lixnaw where my granny was baptised and her parents were married. It meant such a lot to me. Thank you.

  14. John Myles

    I am trying to trace where my mother Catherine Mary Myles, nee Kennelly is buried. I know it is in Murhur cemetery but is planning on a visit and would like to know if there are any records to show us where in the graveyard she was buried.

    She died on 31st March 1948

    Can anyone in Moyvane please guide us with the right connection in how we could get this information and plan our visit to see the grave.

  15. Sandy Pierce

    Jer Kennelly, thank you for the information you sent a while back regarding Patrick Pierce. I am interested in my husband’s great-grandfather, Edmund Dinneen. Can you offer any leads? Thank you!

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