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  1. mossy

    hi all from moyvane

  2. Sandy Pierce

    I am researching my husband’s family tree. His grandfather, Patrick Joseph Pierce, was born in Coolkerang (I can’t find the town but I know is was near to Listowel) in 1871 and came to the US in 1885. He had a brother Richard and several sisters. I’m not sure if any of the family is still in the area of Moyvane but I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of any family of Patrick Pierce.

  3. Amy Broderick

    My mum is from Moyvane. And my cousin is Laura Stack in Moyvane School. Shes in 4th class. I just want to say well done to all the girls who sang in Killarney on Sunday as my cousin was in it!

    Also I want to say hi To my nana Bridge and my grandad Jack whos arm is not feeling the best! So get well soon Grandad!

    From Amy

  4. Sean P. Lyons

    Just found your site. Have been fortunate to visit your village twice, once with a friend and second with my nephew. My family –LYONS- came from Moyvane / NewtonSands and hope to visit again.

  5. Anna Maria Kennelly

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone out there.

  6. Dick White

    Thank you for a wonderful site. My wife is descended from John GREGORY, born about 1826, and Johanna STACK, born 1830, of NewTownSandes. They left for America in 1848. John’s brothers Richard, George and Kindler also came to America somewhere around that time. Kindler married Johanna Stack’s sister, Elizabeth “Lizzie S.”. Johanna also had siblings named Edward, Patrick “Pat”, Mary, Nora, Ellen (Who married Charles “Charley” O’Connor) and Katherine “Kate” (who married Patrick ADAMS). We haven’t found the names of John Gregory’s parents. One source said Johanna Stack’s parents were Edward Stack and ??? Driscoll, while another source said they were Patrick Stack and Mary McCarty. We plan to be in Cork for our grandson’s christening this summer. If we can do that, we hope to visit Moyvane and get a greater sense of my wife’s heritage.

  7. Judy Enright

    My husband is Tom Enright whose family came from Moyvane. We were there once visiting his relatives, Kitty Collins Kearney, Peg Collins and John Collins. The last I heard was that Kitty was in a nursing home. My husband’s grandfather was John Enright married to Margaret Collins–aunt to Kitty and Peggy –all from Moyvane. There was a Bryan Enright there who owned a grocery store but we didn’t get a chance to meet him.

    We have three sons, Brian, Dan and John. Dan found your web site.

    Judy Enright

  8. Tim Dalton

    I am interested in finding relatives of Patrick and Ellen (Mullane) Dalton, son Partick Joseph.

    Other siblings include: Mary Dalton Casey, Margaret Dalton (deceased at age 21 died 9/4/1876 Jim Dalton born 28/5/1871, JacK Dalton born 29/08/1873, Joseph, went to America , not sure when , Con or Cornelius Dalton born 11/8/1883 and Bill or William Dalton born 25/08 1888.

    Also intereted in finding relatives of Patrick Moran, Mary Hanrahan. Daghter Margaret Moran.

    Other siblings include sister Hannah, Brothers James P Moran of Chicago an Tim Moran.

    If you have any information concerning any of the people listed please contact me via e-mail.

  9. Barbara Forgue

    I love your site. I am coming to Ireland in late February in search of ancestral sites. I am the granddaughter of Hugh Goulding (Golden) of Cloonprohus, son of Michael and Johanna Woulfe Goulding. What church would they have been baptised in in the late 1800’s? Church of the Asssumption in Moyvane? And where might I look for their graves? ANy Gouldings still in the area?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  10. Kerryanne Watson

    Hi there from sunny Australia!
    I am tracing the family history of the Dore family in Australia & Ireland and was wondering if you have a family history group there in Moyvane?

    Kind regards,

  11. bill kelly

    hello to everyone in moyvane merry christmas to you all and happy new year.

  12. Gary Gerschoffer

    My name is Gary Gerschoffer and I am doing family research on my great grandmother Ellen Muvihill Scanlon (b.1868) who immigrated to the United States in the late 1880’s. My cousin provided the name of a family, John Lynch, who at one time and may still live in this area who may be a relative. Hopefully, someone may be able to put me in touch with John or another possible contact?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

    Gary Gerschoffer

  13. Anna Maria Kennelly

    To all of you out there who visit from time to time can I wish you a very Happy Christmas and thank you for your contact during the year. If you are living abroad we are thinking of you. Have a great day. Eat,Drink & be Merry and may 2010 be even better than2009. Keep in touch.

  14. Sandra Watson

    I’ve just read the confirmation of Fr. Gerry Roche’s death. Fr. Gerry’s friends in Encinitas share in the loss and send condolences to the family. He has been a treasure to all whom he served. May his soul rest in peace.

    Sandra Watson

  15. Reg Volk

    Anyone available to do cemetery research at Knockanure?

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