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  1. Gary Gerschoffer

    I had a great grandfather & grandmother who I belive are form Moyvane. Patrick Scanlon (b. abt 1865) & Ellen (Mulvihill) Scanlon (b. abt 1868) both emigrated from Moyvane to the US about 1880. Are there records avilable for this time frame that can be researhed? Both were Catholic and I am told the church records were destroyed in a fire.

  2. Pat Brennan

    I have just read the essay which outlines the events surrounding that very tragic ambush at Knocknanure.
    It is my favourite Irish ballad and it is great that such an accurate account of the events are recorded.

    It is only by reading such reports that people will actually realise the reign of terror that occurred throughout Ireland and in particular Limerick Kerry Cork and Tipp during the years 1919 to 1922

  3. Robert Walsh Fister

    I enjoy reading about your great Country, My family, Walsh came from co Kerry to the states in 1852, the Stack family as well. I hope some day to visit your wonderful Co Kerry and Moyvane for sure as that is where my great great grandfather John R Walsh was born and lived. Good luck to you all.

    I am proud to be of Irish heritage, especially Co. Kerry and Moyvane.

    Your USA/Irish Friend.
    Robert Walsh Fister

  4. Mark Clark

    I’ve just traced my Quinn grandfather to Leitrim Middle, which he left around 1900. He was John Quinn, son of John and Mary Quinn. Several of his siblings immigrated to the US, and several others remained, namely Matthew (who settled in Leitrim West), Michael, probably Stephen, and maybe a few others. I hope some of the “Quinns of Leitrim” who I see in the wonderful Moyvane Notes on this site will recognize these names and contact me for exchange of information, and old photos if there are any. I have only one old photo, reputedly of Quinns from that era; if we can identify the men in the photo I’d be happy to contribute it.

  5. Kathy Fitzgerald

    I just discovered that Newtownsandes is now Moyvane. My husbabds great grandfather was a sergeant in the police dept there in the early part of the 1900s. His name was Joyce. If anybody has any info about him we would like to know.

    I hope to visit your town in 2009.

  6. Paul Mulvihill

    My family originate from Moyvane, this was something I only discovered a few years back, I am very interested in the history of the place naturally.

    Can anyone provide information on Sandes the landlord. Where did his family come from, who was he and where is he buried.

  7. Mel Venable

    Greetings from Timonium, Maryland USA (the Colonies)
    I’ve just been informed of the Mailing Address of a long-lost friend residing in Moyvane, Counry Kerry. This is one of the most heart-warming things to occur; as she’s a lovely lady named PAT KING. We’ve been trying to track her down for 2 years.

  8. bill kelly

    merry christmass and good luck in the year to every one in moyvane.

  9. Kathleen O'Connor Gati

    My Grandmother, Hannah McEnery, emigrated from Moyvane (Newtownsands) in 1901. I hope to visit with my sisters, Peg and Pat, in the next year or 2.

  10. James Devereaux

    im living in co meath,am in my 20’s.trying to research my grandfather died recently in co cavan he came from listowel as a child to live in mountnugent cavan.i believe he had many siblings.anyone with any info would love to hear!!!

  11. Alain Creagh

    over 17 preferably for me – then we go cow tpping

  12. BH

    Speedys bar gonna be rocking friday week cant wait lock up your young girls from me

  13. Betty Britton

    Very sorry to hear about Fr. O ‘ Leary.He was a lovely priest and was still in Moyvane Church when I moved away.May he rest in peace.

  14. Pat Aherne

    What a wonderful collection of material [old and new] brings back a lot of good memories.Keep up the good work and if I can find anything of value to contribute I will do so.

  15. John F. Murphy

    Finding your website brought back some great memories of football games I played in for Listowel Emmetts against Moyvane many times before I emigrated in 1957.
    One of the players I enjoyed playing against was the late great Bernie Callaghan.

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