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  1. Thomas j O'Donnel

    hi iam an american too and that damien is such a handsome devil he loves singing songs in the bar and loves singing the rose of tralee! He is a very good cook too jamie oliver the naked shef better watch out

  2. Richard Ring

    Hi I too am an American living in Boston, and have been into contact with Damien many many times. Apparently my great grandfather was from around the moyvane area. I look forward to visiting this nice area and personally checking out the scene. I hear people in kerry are very very friendly to American people and i can personally vouch for that here in Boston!

  3. Damien O'Flynn

    And Yes, I will make a Great Husband some day! Later Guys

  4. Damien O'Flynn

    My apologises for the recent comments. Some of the lads over here clearly bored and have nothing to do with there spare time. Children will be children i suppose. No malice intended. Hope all is well back home. Looking forward to coming home in the near future. Best of luck from Boston

  5. Nora O'Keefe

    Yes i was there that night to he was such a well mannered boy and a credit to moyvane he claims to be the heartbeat of that beautiful town. Hes a credit to everyone there he said the craic in movane was the best experienced we hear its a crazy spot.

  6. Louise Redknapp

    I just wanted to leave a comment about the lovely gentleman Damien who is working in Boston. His patience is one of the most endearing qualities and his manners are impecable forever a gentleman. And I really enjoyed the night spent in the black rose where the craic was fantastic

  7. Jenny

    I have been given the pleasure of meeting and working with one of your fine young men, Damien O’Flynn, here at Fidelity Investments, in Merrimack New Hampshire…He has brought to many smiles and a love of his country that has inspired me to not only year to dig into my own Irish roots but to not be afraid to take a chance…Thank you for all of you in this small, closely knit village for having a hand in bringing him up. He is someone who will make a wonderful husband one day! I am so glad I have the chance to know him….and would love to someday meet some of you as well.
    Thank you…..

  8. Betty Britton

    The Aherne family would like to thank all the people who travelled from all over(Belgium,Waterford,Clare etc.)to the funerals of Sean & Aggie Aherne R.I.P Moher Cross,Moyvane.They are together again,as they could not be without one another…
    -the stars fell out of the sky,
    and my tears rolled into the ocean
    cause if youre not really here
    then the stars dont even matter…
    cause if youre not really here
    then I dont wanna be either
    I wanna be next to you…

  9. Gerard Aherne

    On behalf of me and my family, i would like to thank all those who sympathised with my family and i and all the lovely cards on the loss of Sean Aherne .(Great husband and loving Father, grandfatherand great grandfather. R.I.P.moher cross moyvane.

  10. Friends in Australia

    Hello to the new residents of Moyvane! Connie and Willie Murphy. Hope you are settling in ok and the weather is great just like the weather you left behind in Canberra. Love from the ‘girls’ aka Carmel, Helen, Gaye, Sylvia, Joan and Lia. If you see them around the village go up and say hi from us!

    We check out the website regularly – love it!

  11. Gerard Aherne

    On behalf of me and my family, i would like to thank all those who sympathised with my family and i and all the lovely cards on the loss of Margreat Aherne (Aggie). Great wife and loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother. R.I.P.moher cross moyvane.

  12. Matt McMahon

    I read your site every week and I am very impressed with the quality of the presentation. This is really a tribute to the Hanrahan family, and we will be forever thankful to them. We will miss them but keep up the good work.

    Matt (Washington DC)


    My Condoleences to all Members of the HANRAHAN family, May God grant them his peace and console you in your sorrow. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.

  14. Marie Carmody

    I don’t know Mike and Denis Hanrahan personally, but having lived amongst the community of Moyvane for the last four years on an off, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the Hanahran family and their friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  15. Willie Murphy

    Just found the site recently, great amount of information. But I now want to convey to all the members of the Hanrahan family my sincere sympathy, especially, Shane, Kayrena, Marian and Aine and all the devastated people of Moyvane. Will keep you all in our prayers, that the good Lord will comfort and sustain you all.

    From a Lyreacrompane exile in Maryland, U.S.A

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