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  1. Tadhg O' Flaherty

    Congrats. on the website… and keep up the good work. I love the contents ,especially the pictures. Faces and places I haven’t seen in a while.
    Always thinking of home, family and friends, especially my father and mother, Michael and Mary Ellen in Keylod, brother Mick, sisters, Mary, Helen, Kate, Angela, Liz and their families and not forgetting DanJoe and Mai Riordan in Moyvane.
    Hope to be home soon… I promise !!
    Love always,
    Tadhg in Detroit,Michigan.

  2. Mc Auliffe Construction Inc

    Great site, and the old photos bring back fond memories of the past.
    Definately great credit is due to those who put in the work in setting up this site.
    I am happy and proud to be from the Kingdom, and from Moyvane.
    All the best.
    John Mc Auliffe.

  3. dave caplice

    the people of moyvane are very friendly and the site is very good

  4. Rita Thornton

    Does anyone have “family tree” information for Frank Thornton who was born in Kilbaha. He had a brother Jack and sister Nonie. Frank was my father-in-law and we would love to hear from anyone in Moyvane that might have remembered this wonderful man.

  5. Elaine Hughes

    Hi there, Elaine here. My grandmother Johanna Moore was from Moyvane and i’m just wondering if anyone remembers her and might be able to give me some info on her family, would really love to meet some of them or at least find out some information about them. Thanks, Bye for now. Elaine

  6. paula rich

    Betty Gisborne(nee maggie lynch) passed away recently. anyone know the family or remember the lynch’s. (father-thomas- mother- lilian sheridan?

  7. Michael Holly

    Hello There
    I lived in O’Connells Avenue Listowel from 1936-1956 does anybody out there remember my family or that time

  8. Frank Moran

    I visited Moyvane in 1947 as a boy never to return. I have since become a remarkable spoon player – the best. I didn’t play them when I was in Moyvane – everyone’s loss!

  9. Gianluca Baroni

    I was looking for a Job in Ireland country and came across your nice website and your wonderfull village.
    I’m a farmer and hope I could find a job in your beautiful area.
    Greetings from Tuscany, Italy

  10. John Corcoran- Listowel

    Owen Hand mentioned the Moyvane presence at the Stuttgart international football (Ireland v Germany) match tonight on Today FM and mentioned he had some connection with Moyvane…Perhaps someone who reads this can pass it on to the Moyvane banner holders when they return from their travels….Pity about the result though.

  11. Rosie

    Big winner of either the Mazda or 20,000 euros in the 5/13 GAA Development Draw was Gerald McKenna!!! Why no picture of that famous fellow???? We know it isn’t shyness – what could it be? Didn’t he have his sunglasses with him?

  12. Grzegorz Kaminski

    Just a note to say this site is excellent!

  13. Buddy Keane

    Hello Again:
    I’ve notice the name Mulvihill mentioned quite often .That was my grandmothers name,her married name was O’grady sons Dan and tom, daughters Mary, Bridie{my mother} and Elizabeth..I was wondering if anyone may have known them. Its been some time since last visited at that time it was known to me as Newtownsands. Again I enjoy very much to read and keep up to the news, I can remmeber meeti g Con Broson at me cousins Dan O’Gradys wedding in the Bronx.

  14. linda pearse

    it is great that the town has a website at last . can not wait to see all over in eire .

  15. Johannes Kühl

    Hello, my name is Johannes (16). I`m from Bonn, Germany and I`m going to live in your wonderful village. The Stacks will be my hostfamily for 6 months. I`m looking forward to meeting them very soon and i think i will have a great time. See you…
    P.s.: I will arrive on the 30th of August `06

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