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  1. Margaret Hicks

    I am having trouble finding Kennelly ancestors from Moyvane. Requests for help don’t seem to bring much success. Would there be anyone who would undertake some research for me? I am willing to pay for time spent, etc.
    I’m looking for:
    John Kennelly Cornelius Kennelly Bridget Kennelly and their parents,etc. All migrated to Australia in the 1880’s or 1890’s.
    Assistance would be much appreciated.

    • Nicholas John Warrington

      Margaret do you know the parents names because then I can find birth records, baptism records and the parents marriage and family. I will try and do a family tree if you would like me to.


    • Martin Moore


      You would need more information. Have you tried It is free and you should be able to get what you want.

      I had a quick look and found a John Kennelly of Leitrim, Moyvane, born in 1865 to Michael Kennelly and Mary kennelly. A Cornelius Kennelly was born to same parents in 1863. I have no idea if this is ‘your’ Kennellys or not. Hope this is of some use.

      Martin Moore

    • MJ

      Hi Margaret
      I too posted here, trying to get info on my grandfather and great-grandfather. Not one reply—which was very disappointing.

  2. Lisa Jennings

    Does anyone know who the parents of Bishop John J Fitzmaurice born in Newtownsandes in 1840. I am the descendent of Catherine Fitzmaurice born 1841 whose father was Thomas Fitzgerald of Listowel (from her marriage cert) . Family lore says we are related to the Bishop so I am wondering whether his father was also Thomas but can find any information anywhere about his parents.

    • Patricia O'Grady Meyer

      Hello Lisa.

      I am finding info on a John Edmund Fitzmaurice, born Jan 8, 1839 in Newtownsandes, emigrating to Pennsylvania in 1858 where he was a parish priest before becoming Bishop in 1899. Could this be the same man?


      • Lisa Jennings

        Yes he is the same person I’m trying to find out who his parents were – do you have any information on that?

        • Patricia O'Grady Meyer


          This info is from a family tree on for a Jon Ferrin (not sure if that name might be a relative of yours). John Edmund was born to James Fitzmaurice (1803-1889) and Catherine Walsh (1809-1899). James was the son of Edmund (1780-?) and Elizabeth (no date).

          John Edmund’s siblings were:
          Edmund 1832-1903
          Johanna 1837-1927 married Thaddeus Scanlon
          William 1840-1933 married Joanna Costelloe
          Catherine 1841-1922 married John Clark
          James J 1843-1906
          Francis P 1848-1925
          Elizabeth 1854-1908 married Andrew Crane

          William and Joanna’s son, Edmond J (1881-1963), nephew to John Edmund, was also a priest in a parish in Delaware.

          If I can be of any further help. contact me directly at [email protected] and I’ll find what I can for you.


  3. PJ Mackessy

    Hello all I’ve been on line for hours trying to find a place called Inchamore, listowel, and apart from finding a lot of people R.I.P who have died in a place that doesn’t seem to exist, but I know it does. but not on any map I can find, any help please thank you and Good Luck…… PJ Mackessy

    • Tim scanlon

      Hi, yes Inchamore Listowel is a small townland in the Moyvane parish, there are 3 houses in the parish, and as far as I know our family House was once owned by the mackessy family ,,,

      • PJ Mackessy

        Was I’m on hear after a year Just seen your reply thank you, are you still there if so can I know more thank you and have a Happy Christmas Good Luck from Tipperary, if you would like to email me…[email protected] thank you…….PJ

  4. Seamus Roche

    Check for baptismal records.when in Moyvane call to Mairead Kearney bar at night 9.30pm on, there you might meet Gabriel Fitzmaurice who might be ablt help
    Best of luck
    Seamus Roche

  5. Patrick Mackessy

    Hello There, any one know any thing about a Patrick Scanlon and his wife Margaret Scanlon maden name (Flaherty).
    My mom Mary Mackessy maden name (Scanlon) was born to Patrick and Margaret on the 15th March 1927….. and married my Dad Tim Mackessy. Thank you and Good luck……..

  6. Maureen Porter

    Hi Pat
    It’s me again still searching for my Great Great Grandparents John and Catherine O’Connell they had a daughter Bridget in July 1861 ,I would love to know where they were married and Catherine’s maiden name.I am coming over to Ireland in two weeks and it would be great if I could trace them, thanks for all your help

  7. Jer Kennelly

    Visit of Our Lady of Lourdes statue to Abbeyfeale Cancelled

  8. Maureen Porter

    Hi Pat
    Thanks for your help but not the right parents, it shows on Bridget’s birth certificate that they were o’Connells ,I think they got married between 1857-1861 but are a complete mystery,my family are treating me to trip over to Ireland in June and I would love to have found where they came from.
    Thanks for all your help

  9. Maureen Porter

    Hi it’s me again been trying to find my great grandparents since 2014 their names are John O’Connell and Catherine O ‘Connell nee Sullivan they had a daughter Bridget in July 1861 who was baptised in Moyvane but later came to Britain, I would love to find out where her parents originated from ,any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks very much

    • Patricia O'Grady Meyer

      hello maureen.

      i did a very brief look into the above records and came up with a John Connell marrying Catherine Sullivan on 22 Feb 1841 In Kerry-Castleisland. It does not give the parent’s first names nor their towns of origin in the record but lists the witnesses as Timothy Devine and Maurice Harrington.

      another quick look into Bridget showed a birth to the same named parents on 7 Jul 1861 in Moyvane (Ahalahana)

      not sure this is of much help. best of luck.


  10. Martin Moore

    Hi, It should be possible to get these details as there are still some family members in the Listowel area. As I understand it there were 2 families, both related, one living at Ballinruddery and other at Soldiers Houses, Dromin, Listowel. Dromin is on the Listowel Tarbert road. I believe that one of the family may have gone to Donegal also.
    Hope this is of some use. Martin Moore, Tralee.

  11. James Devereaux

    Hi looking to find any info on Devereaux family that lived around listowel grandfather was born in listowel to a James and Molly (Brady) Devereaux round 1930s!! Regards James

    • CB

      James Devereaux was the brother of my Great Great Grandfather, Michael. His parents were John and Ellen Devereaux of Ballinruddery. Happy to share information.

  12. Margaret Hicks

    I have posted several times previously,but have received no reply. Could someone please help me with information re John Kennelly, Cornelius Kennelly and Bridget Kennelly who left Moyvane in the mid to late 1880’s /90’s and came to Melbourne Australia. John married Mary O’Dea in Melbourne. Bridget died in 1894? I know where her grave is but have no details to put on a headstone. Bridget is buried beside John & Mary with their two youngest children, twins, Veronica ( Ron) and Clare. I have ensured that the headstone for them has been renovated and completed with a celtic cross and the words, ‘Love never dies’.

    • Jer

      Was Kennelly a Labour man in Parliament and O Dea from County Clare

      • Margaret Hicks

        Hi Jer! Yes, Pat Kennelly was a labor member of the Victorian Parliament and later a Senator in the Federal Parliament till he resigned in 1974. Uncle Pat died in 1980. His son Ron died last December. So excited to get a reply!The O’Dea’s did come from County Clare.

  13. Colleen Hanrahan

    My father Thomas Hanrahan was born in Moyvane and I’m searching for my family there. All ideas and conbections welcome. Would like to visit soon.

    • Jim Kennelly

      A Mary Jane Hanrahan of Moyvane married my Great Uncle Timothy Kennelly in November, 1906. They had 15 children and owned a farm in the Moyvane’s Kilbaha townlands just southwest of the Moyvane town center, which until 1930 was known as Newtownsandes. Timothy was baptized at Assumption Parish in 1881. Mary Jane Hanrahan was born in 1888. Think she was baptized there. Believe they were married there but don’t have those records yet. Mary Jane Hanrahan Kennelly was noted for her lovely singing voice around 1930 (she would have been about 42) in an article about Moyvane in Song on the Moyvane website. She had brothers according to that article, so perhaps she is an Aunt or great Aunt of your Father Thomas. Will be in Moyvane area for four days next week and will hopefully get a look at some things related to her. Glad to pass along any Hanrahan connections I see.

  14. Edmund Fitzmaurice


    My name is Edmund Fitzmaurice and I Iive in New York, USA. My great-grandfather, John Fitzmaurice, was from Moyvane and came to Philadelphia approximately 1880-1890. In Philadelphia, he owned a bar. I was hoping someone might have some information about him.

    Also, I am traveling to Ireland Oct 15-26 and was hoping to stop by the village of Moyvane. Are there any activities happening in the villiage on Oct 22-24?

    Thanks so much,


    • AC McVey

      Edmund, My husband’s gr grandfather is also a Fitzmaurice, born in Moyvane, lived in Philadelphia & worked as a bartender.

      I did a search of your John Fitzmaurice that might give some clues. Some info is from
      1916 Death JOHN FITZMAURICE of 1479 N 53rd St Phila Pa male white married age 43, occ: Bartender, Born Ireland Father: Edmund Fitzmaurice b Ire, mother: Mary Fitzgerld (Fitzgerald?) b Ireland Date of Death Dec 27, 1916 cause: Valvular heart disease Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeardon, PA

      1920 U.S. Census 550 Madison St Philadelphia PA owns home
      Rose A Fitzmaurice 42 widow, to U.S. 1893 Naturalized, 1898, b Irel
      Edmond J. son 23 b PA, accountant Telegraph Co
      Ann N daughter 21 b PA clerk newspaper
      Mary J. daughter 13 b PA
      Ann niece 6 b PA

      1910 Philadelphia 1479 North 53rd St
      John Fitzmaurice, 38 married 14 years, to US 1890, naturalized
      Rose wife 33 3 children b Ire, to US 1892
      Edmund 13 Anna 11 Mary 4

      1900 census Philadelphia 822 Pennock St rents
      John Fitzmaurice,b Sept, 1871 28, married 5 years b Ire as were parents, bartender
      Rose wife b Apr 1875, 24 yo, 2 children, 2 living b Irel (Rose A. Curran)
      Edmund son b June 1896, 3 b PA
      Anna b Nov 1898, 1 b PA

      ??? 1892 NY Passenger List , embarked at Liverpool John Fitzmaurice 21,male, to Pennsylvania, 1 piece of luggage, steerage, Ship: Umbria, date of arrival: April 4, 1892 Nationality: Irish
      1896 Pennsylvania Federal Naturalization Records JOHN FITZMAURICE a Native of Ireland and a subject of the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland now residing in the City of Philadelphia aged twenty five years,….sworn to this 7 day of October A.D. 1896 signed: John Fitzmaurice , 2731 McLellan (circuit Court, Eastern District, Pennsylvania)

      ??? 1953 Death Emily J. Fitzmaurice on April 23, 1953 father: Edmund Fitzmaurice Mother: Mary Ann Fitzgerald, born Kerry Ireland, b May 1872, age 50, single, dressmaker, self employed , single , congestive heart failure, burial Holy Cross, Yeadown, Delaware Co, PA. Informant: Catherine Fitzmaurice of 1834 W Thompson, Phila PA, same address at Emily


      I am seeking any Irish records on my husband’s gr grandfather & his parents & siblings. MICHAEL FITZMAURICE 1844-1923. Born Leitrim Middle, Moyvane to Thomas Fitzmaurice & Margaret Moore. Some records say he was born March 10, 1845. To U.S. appx Oct 1868 & working as a bartender in Philadelphia in 1870. Wed Annie Collins in 1879 in Phillie & children are: Catherine 1880- , Thomas 1884-1885 , John 1886 -1911, Anna 1889-1975, Marguerite Milligan 1892-1985.

      Michael’s brother, John Fitzmaurice, stayed in Moyvanne with wife Johanna Scanlon. Their son William 1878- 1939 lived in Philadelphia with his uncle, Michael in 1900. John’s son, Michael, b 1890 in Newtownsandes spent many years in Pennsylvania before returning home to Ireland. He dies in Dublin in 1980. I do see that on Feb 10, 1836 in Moyvane the RC marriage of Thomas Fitzmaurice of Moyvane & Margaret Moore of Clounbrane with witness Cornelius Quinn & Thomas Moore. I do not know anymore about the Irish Family. My father in law spoke of being cousins to the Irish Fitzmaurice priests, Rev. Francis Fitzmaurice b 1880, Rev John E b 1839, Edmund, etc., born in Newtownsandes & Tarbet.

    • Eamon Fitzmaurice

      Any address there are a lot of Fitzmaurice’s in Moyvane. We can check it out for u
      Eamon Fitzmaurice

  15. Fergus Moloney

    Ellen Sheehy married Micheal Lynch on 31st January 1893 in Moyvane church,Co Kerry. I do believe they were living in Gortdromagouna outside Moyvane village by the census of Ireland in 1901 and 1911. Ellen Sheehy was my great grand aunt. If you are related to that family. Please write to me. Fergus

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