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  1. Jim Gill in Guestbook

    Genealogy Help: Great grandma was married at Moyvane Catholic Church- Nov. 1860.
    Margarita (Frawley) Rulihan – Gortaglanna to Thomas Rulihan ( spelled Thomas Rulethan in the 1875 USA Census), -Kilbaha. Are there any descendants of these two families ? Also, I assume the 1860 Church is no longer standing ? .
    Thank you. Jim

    • Nicholas Warrington

      That church was knocked down in the 50s, my grandma being the in last year that had their first communion there. I don’t know about those surnames I’m afraid. Could Rulihan also be Relihan because I think that’s a local name.

  2. Tom Grogan in Guestbook

    Hello, I’ve been researching my family. I’m wondering if anyone knows Mary Mai and Dan-Joe Riordan. They lived in Moyvane and in Listowel. Mary died in 2019. She was my father, Tom Grogan’s first cousin. Thank You!!!

    • Nicholas Warrington

      What was Mary’s maiden name and did they live in Moyvane all their lives? Also, what town land were they from?

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Hi Tom, Dan Joe is alive and well and shops in Holly’s Supermarket every week. Nice man. Didn’t really know his wife but her brother drove the post van for many, many years and he was very liked. Think his name was Sean. His brother had a pub in Lower William Street, Listowel at the time.

    • Sheryl

      Hi Tom.. I have some information about Mary Grogan who emigrated to NZ in 1860 and married George Jennings.. Her Nephew was Thomas Grogan, b 1900 husband of Bridie. I think Mary (Mai) Grogan was their daughter.

  3. Nicholas Warrington in Guestbook

    I would just like to say how sorry I am to hear of Fr Kevin’s death. I know he did a lot for the community and how a lot of people were very sad when he left the parish in August.
    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

  4. James Devereaux in Guestbook

    I’m looking for any fresh info even small about the Devereaux family in ballinruddery listowel.
    I’m living in co Louth , my grandfather was Edward Devereaux from Cavan. His grandfather was Jim (James) Devereaux from listowel. He had 6 brothers they all served in the British army around 1919. I have a photo of all 7 brothers with their father who was John Devereaux and his wife was Ellen.
    I kno some soldiers stayed in England and some returned to Ireland.
    I really would be so grateful for any sort of info or even who I could get in touch with locally in listowel.
    Kind regards

    • Martin Moore


      I have seen that photo. I have some small piece on Michael Devereaux
      who I think served with the Royal Engineers.

      Martin Moore 086 8239414

    • Esther Hickey

      Hi James,
      I’m from Ballinruddery, my mother was one of the Purcell family. The Purcell and Devereaux families are two of the oldest in the area. My family has a huge interest in local history and though I’m in Dublin I still have close family in Ballinruddery. If you get in touch by email or pm me on Facebook I’d be delighted to try to assist in finding out about your family.

    • Esther Hickey

      Hi James,
      I’m from Ballinruddery. My family has a huge interest in local history. I knew ” Peg” Devereaux who was married to Martin Nash and i believe she may have been distantly related to our family (Purcells). If you get in touch I will certainly try to help you out.

    • Esther HICKEY

      James, i have some interesting bits of information for you. You can find me on Facebook if you want to get in touch.


    Hi, Irish American here! Any Walsh family relatives left in Moyvane? My grandmother Theresa lived in town with her father in the 1930s. Trying to connect directly with any cousins. I found some records at the church during my last visit but trying now to find relatives. Thanks!

  6. Nicholas Warrington in Guestbook

    Hello, I am a teenager in England and as my relatives come from Moyvane and Knockanure and I am interested in history, I was wondering what is happening with the Gortaglanna memorial this year? I know that it is the centenary and that with Covid, I doubt the usual events can take place. Is there a plan to do it online? I know that here in England, my village used Zoom for Remembrance day in November which was very good. If there was something online, although not as good as being there in person, I believe that people from all over the world would be involved. Just a thought,

    • Martin Moore


      A local group had extensive plans, but it does not look like same can now go ahead.

      It is envisaged that a local history book covering the events will be launched for the centenary.

      More details to follow.

      • Nicholas Warrington

        Thank you for the information.

      • Nicholas Warrington

        Hello, are there any online events to remember the events. I. Hear we can light a candle and that Gabriel Fitzmaurice has written a book. My grandma’s uncle I believe was involved in the committee and raised money for the memorial. His name was Danny Mulvihill.

        • Martin Moore


          Thanks for contacting the page. The memorial at Gortaglanna has been done up and two books have been published. Gabriel Fitzmaurice has written on the songs of Gortaglanna/Valley of Knockanure. In a beautiful gesture, Fr. Kevin has provided candles for each house in Moyvane to light on Wednesday night in memory of the Volunteers who died for the freedom of Ireland.

  7. Jer Kennelly in Guestbook

    An Dreoilín agus An Commedia dell’Arte Leis An tAthar Tomás Ó hIceadha
    Jan 7, 2021
    By Fr. Tom Hickey

    Ón Leabhar Órchiste Nollag, Máirín Uí Shé a thiomsaigh agus a chuir in eagar.

    Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne a d’fhoilsigh é i 2020

    In this short piece the author, Fr. Tom Hickey, himself a renowned director of theatre, makes the comparisons between the characters of Commedia dell’Arte in Italy and those found in the Wran Boys of the Irish Tradition. Once widespread throughout the country, the Wran is now continued in few locations, but survives strongly in West Kerry. Commedia Dell’Arte was an early form of theatre originating in Italy in the 16th century. It is characterised by masked ‘types’ and can be either scripted or improvised. Generally, these troupes of players travelled between towns entertaining people. The origins of the Wran tradition is certainly more ancient and may well go back to pre-Christian times as part of a mid-winter festival.

    Characters such as The Captain, The White Horse, The Fool etc seem common to both traditions.

    • Jer Kennelly

      This weeks Knockanure notes can be viewed on the newtownsandes site

  8. Michael in Guestbook

    Hi guys..
    May I start with wishing you all a very merry Christmas(albeit in challenging times)
    So,I started to look for a song that my father(RIP) used to sing,usually after a “soda” or 2.
    Its called “foleys Jackass” and I see that somebody somewhere knows the words to it..
    I would be ever so grateful if somebody could find the time to help me out with it..
    Thanks in advance,

    • Nicholas Warrington

      Hello, the following was written on this website by Gabriel Fitzmaurice by Gabriel Fitzmaurice (1980)
      I remember as a very small boy, Tomeen the boss coming into our kitchen singing “Foley’s Jackass”. I laughed at him; he was a funny man. His songs meant nothing to me then.
      I think you should try to contact him. He still lives in Moyvane and is well known locally so I’m sure you can find his contact details quite easily

  9. Martin Moore in Guestbook

    i would like a copy today.


  10. john cussen in Guestbook

    Just wondering if there are any copies of Valley of Knockanure film available to purchase. Thanks in advance. John

  11. Jim Hays in Guestbook

    I am looking for anyone related to Cornelius Mulvihill (born 1840?) of Gortdromasilliah or his first wife Ann Cunningham. I heard some Mulvihills still own farms in Cloonebrane. I will be traveling to Ireland in July 2021 (hopefully) and would love to meet any distant cousins. Cornelius and Ann were my great great grandparents. Ann died possibly 1860 or 1861 and I have no information on her. Their daughter Johanna, my great grandmother, emigrated to Sidney, Ohio in the U.S. Cornelius later married Bridget Dinneen in 1862 and had a large family, many of whom emigrated to the United States.


      Hi Jim, I don’t know the family but my Stack ancestors are from the same townland. If you look on Helen’s Family Trees website you will find some details about the families.
      Good luck with your searches,

      • Jim Hays

        Thanks Ken- Helen is great, very generous with her time and information. Yes, the Mulvihill and Stacks show up a lot on the same marriage / baptism certificates so they must have been close. Later, my great, great Aunty Mary Mulvihill married Patrick Stack (b 1864), maybe related to one of your ancestors?
        Thanks again.

        • KEN DUCKETT

          Hi Jim, I looked up your potential family on Ancestry and found a Groves by Yvonne Mulvihill.
          In it are Cornelius Mulvihill b 1830 and Anna Cunningham b1832 with 2 children-
          Daniel Mulvihill b1855-1931 Ballylongford
          Maria ” 1860-
          Daniel married Mary McCormick and they had a son William McCormick 1895-1960 M Margaret O’Leary 1896-1979 in turn a daughter Jane Mulvihill 1933-2017 M Kenneth Groves 1932-2009, they had a Private offspring.
          I’ll check on my Stack ancestors, they are numerous!
          Best wishes,

          • Jim Hays

            Thanks Ken. Did you find the Groves F.T. on I could not locate it there or by a Google search. I believe all their children were born in Gurtdromasillahy, not Ballylongford.
            Thanks again.

        • KEN DUCKETT

          Yes it was Ancestry,

        • Bronwen Davis

          Hi Jim,
          I had initially opened up a different page on this site and read some things about Mulvihills, then when I saw your post on page 1, things sounded familiar with what I had just read.
          I had been looking at posts by Jim Horgan on Dec 9 2013, and Patrick Mulvihill on Jan 28, 2014. Look at page 8. There was another post by someone else who mentioned visiting Moyvane, but try as I might, I cannot find it again.

          • Jim Hays

            Thanks so much, I was able to find both of those posts! I will follow up to see if they lead anywhere.

    • Nicholas Warrington

      What were Cornelius’s parents and siblings. Called?

      • Jim Hays

        I believe his father was Daniel Mulvihill and his mother was a McMahon. I am not aware of any siblings.

        • Patrick J Muulvihill

          There was a 5-page hand-written document posted to the Clan Mulvihill on Facebook in 2018. It is a history of the Mulvihills and Cunninghams. There were two Mulvihill brothers (Michael, Cornelius of Gortdromasillahy & sons of Daniel) married to two Cunningham sisters (Hanora and Ann?/Hanora?/Nancy?). I have transcribed this document with help from Al Kissane and would very much like to see your Ancestry Tree. Mine is “Wapsi Mulvihill’s”
          Patrick Mulvihill

          • Jim Hays

            Hi Patrick –
            Thanks for responding, sorry I just saw your post today. I had some great help from Al Kissane too I am pretty certain we have some ties to the Mulvihills through marriage or blood or both. I am related to Cornelius Mulvihill/Anne Cunningham that you mention. Their daughter Johanna is my great grandmother. I am planning a trip to Ireland in July 2022 and would love to meet any relatives. I would be happy to send you my tree. My email is [email protected].

  12. Cornelius Dee in Guestbook

    My name is Cornelius Dee
    Do I have any relatives in the Ballylongford area of County Kerry
    [email protected]
    Thank you



  13. Karina McHugh in Guestbook

    Who wrote the piece on Thomas Moore on your site ? I would like to contact them if possible.

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