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  1. Linda Scanlon in Guestbook

    A beautiful Web site. Thank you for the last few hours of joy spent scrolling through all the photos and remembering so many names I’ve heard from my mom. Her name was Ellen Dore, daughter of Michael and Hannah Dore. The names that were familiar were Stack, Mulvihill (her sister Mary), and Nolan. The last time I was in Moyvane was 1968 and there was a festival with the Rose of Tralee in attendance. What fun I had visiting my grandad, uncle Mike, wife Sissy, Aunt Mary, and all of my cousins with my mom, brother Mike, and my son Robert–who was 16 months old at the time and now 38–a long time ago. I now have five grown children and 7 grandchildren (#8 is on its way). Time flies, but the village still looks beautiful. Thank you again.

    • Anne Pack nee Steven

      Hello Linda, I am your cousin Anne from Hendon,London. My mother was Betty
      Dore and you visited us when you were young. Get in touch if you can, would love to hear from you, Anne

  2. Noreen Finnerty (nee Kearney) in Guestbook

    great new design. very fresh.

  3. Marie Oxx in Guestbook

    Congratulations on a terrific website. It really brings the village to life. The photo ecards are a great feature.

  4. jim lynch in Guestbook


  5. Brian Keane in Guestbook

    Greetings from Tallaght!!
    It’s my first time on this website, it a great credit to the village. Well done one and all!!

  6. Kathleen O'Brien Morales in Guestbook

    I am trying to locate any members of the Flaherty family from the Newtownsandes/Knockanure area. My grandmother was Mary Ann (Molly) who immigrated to America in the early 1900s along with several sisters.Catherine,Nora,Madge,Nanna. She married John J O’Brien from Claire and all settled eventually in the Kansas City, Missouri area, but Nora Flaherty returned to Ireland. She exchanged letters for several years, until around 1971 when my mother (now 87) lost contact with her. I think there was a brother William, but no children of Nora’s that I know of.The remaining child of Molly (Aunt Anna) is now 84 and would love to know about some family members from this branch of Flahertys.She was never able to make the trip to Ireland but my parents visited and so did I.If anyone who reads this knows members of that particular Flaherty family I would really like to let my aunt know. Her health is not very good these days and this would be a great boost to her. Thank you to anyone who replies.

  7. Hannah Mulvihill in Guestbook

    Hello Moyvane, Hannah Mulvihill

  8. Tom Shanahan in Guestbook

    What a pleasant surprise. This Site brings Moyvane to Boise, Idaho. All at Bishop Kelly High School are highly impressed.
    Thanks to you, Faculty and Students here get a visual picture of the old sod.

  9. Aibhilin in Guestbook

    Hello every1 at home. I got bored in d library so i decided to chech out wat happening in Moyvane! It lovely to see all the pictures from the festival.Wish I could have been there! Its a fantastic web site & thanks so much 4 keepin us updated. Cya all at Christmas. Aibhilin.

  10. KerryKate in Guestbook

    Paying a return visit to your great site.
    Brings back memories of Kerry.,
    Lovely pictures of the area. Thanks

  11. Tricia Leahy in Guestbook

    Excellent website! Delighted to see Moyvane on the internet.

  12. Sean Finnegan in Guestbook

    My best pals Jim and Marian Fitzmaurice have introduced me to many fine people from Moyvane and the surrounding areas on their trips to Croke Park so imagine my surprise when I came accross this site. Congratulations on its layout and the ease of navigation and best of luck this All Ireland weekend.

  13. Rosamaria in Guestbook

    I’m Rosamaria from Italy; I’m looking for my pen-pal.I have lost her address but I remember she is from Murhur Moyvane; her name is Eileen Nolan and probably I have recognized her in the photo of the coaches of the Juvenile Club of badminton.
    Eileen I hope you remember me, please contact me!!!
    Bye Rosamaria

    • Eileen Horan

      Hi Rosamaria ,God I can’t believe you remember me from the badminton picture. Email me and we can chat more.

      Eileen Nolan Horan

  14. Helen O'Connor in Guestbook

    I was delighted to come across your attractive and informative site. My father was from Kilbaha and I’ve recently set up a family tree website which provides information on a number of Moyvane families, including O’Connors, Shanahans, Cunninghams and Hudsons. My website is and if you happen to have anything further to add to it, I’d love to hear from you. All the best, Helen

  15. Moyvane Website in Guestbook

    We hope you enjoy our redesigned website about Moyvane – whether you are living in a neighbouring parish or on the other side of the world. Feel free to leave your comments about the website or the village itself.

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