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  1. Mary Murphy

    just research that my great, great grandparents were married in Moyvane 7 SEP 1857 (John O’Shea and Johanna Donahue). So, I’m adding your lovely town onto my visit list of Ireland!
    I do have one question. The parish record lists the town Miss Johanna came from as ‘C l o u n p r u h u s’ ?? I am not finding such a town. Closest, I think, was possibly ‘Clontuskert, a.k.a. Cloonturskan’ in Roscommon. I’m just wondering if that makes sense, and if that area is near you?
    Dia leat!

    • Martin Moore

      Yes, Clonprohus is in Moyvane. It is not a town, just what is known as a townland or parish district.

      • Mary Murphy

        Thank you!

    • Jer

      Irish Examiner , 12.03.1892, page 5
      Reports on O Shea the last Waterloo Veteran.
      A Kerryman

  2. Noreen Lynch Triolo

    I know this is early, but does anyone know when the graveyard Mass is this summer? Is it the first of August? My Mom, Mag Dore, has a Wedding to go to here in NY on the 30th of July and she wants to know if she has to leave her the next day to make it there for the Mass or if she can go the next week. Thank you!

  3. joan nulty

    love the different versions of the valley of knockanure, my mother always sang it and told us the story, i printed the article for her a few weeks ago, she was so happy to have a copy at last

    my history lesson is great, doing some work for my niece in England as she would never know any of this stuff as her dad was born in Co. Meath, and I was born in Limerick, my mother is Margaret Hurley, nee Dalton, from Parkanna, Athea

  4. David O'Sullivan

    Hello, I was born in Cork and currently live in Nashville, Tennessee in the US. I read recently about the passing of Patrick Curtin from your club. I just wanted to pass on my family’s condolences and prayers for Patrick’s family. All the best, David O’Sullivan

    • Amanda Curtin

      Thank you for this beautiful message- from the Curtin Family

  5. Colin Kelly

    My name is Colin Kelly, my mother was born in Moyvane in 31/10/1905: Mary (nee Stundon) Kelly) I would like to contact some of my family and see her birth place. My mother’s brother was a famous Footballer – his name Patrick Stundon. Any help is appreciated. Thank You in advance.

  6. Rebecca Thompson

    I came across your website and thought possibly you may have information about our Moore family from County Kerry. William, born in County Kerry in 1819) and brother John, born about 1825) They immigrated to the U.S. in 1838 and settled in Georgia.

    I would appreciate any tips or ideas.

    • Martin Moore

      I have some details of Moores of North Kerry. John and William are common names in the family. For example, in my own family I have a John and William born about this time. William actually emigrated to New York. Do you have any further details or any town or district from where they originated?

  7. Donald P. Scanlon

    AnneMarie Kennelly

    Dear AnneMarie

    I’ve never received a reply re. my inquiries of my Father, Patrick. Also the two graveyards nearest Moyvane .

    Thank you

  8. Tina kelly

    Hi my name is Tina. Bout 10 years ago I bought a few books in a second hand shop here in London. And I found this memorial card of Captain Patrick Walshe. For some reason I kept it. As I kept thinking he’s someone’s dad husband father. So I wonder if any family/relative would like to have it returned to them as I’m sure they would be very proud to have it.he is on Google I have looked him up rip. So I hope this picture can be reunited to where it belongs. My phone 07590574440. I live in London. If anyone wants to contact me. Thank you. Tina.

  9. Marylin Weber

    I am researching information about my material grandfather Eugene Shine. I noticed he was mentioned in the Knockanure Notes for June 16, 2011 in an article about the death of his older brother John W. Shine. His parents were William Shine born approximately 1831 and died approximately 1903 and Bridget(née Sullivan) Shine born approximately 1841 and died approximately 1931. Per the article, the children , in addition to John, were Mary Shine Mulvihill, Cornelius, William, Thomas, Katie, Michael, Eugene and Maggie. John emigrated to America in 1884 and the rest of the family in 1886.

    • Matt McMahon

      Hi Marilyn,

      Contact me I may have some information for you.

  10. Maureen Kimball (nee Harrington)

    I am Gabriel Fitzmaurice’s cousin (Jim and Sue Harrington’s daughter) and last saw him at the 2007 Fitzmaurice family reunion. I will be traveling to Kerry in August and am trying to contact Gabe hoping that we can get together during my visit.
    Thank you,

    • Moyvane

      Maureen, I sent you an email with Gabriel’s email address. Enjoy your visit to Moyvane.

  11. Sarah Sodhi

    I’m trying to get in contact with Gabriel Fitzmaurice about the reuse of a poem in an anthology. I’ve found his biog on here. If he could email me I’d be very grateful.
    Many thanks

  12. Cornelius Flynn

    I would like to purchase the 2009 Gerard Barrett film The Valley of Knockanure and have it shipped to the United States. Or buy it to view online. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thank you for any help you can offer. Cornelius Flynn

  13. Barry Boyd

    My Great Grandmother was Catherine Scanlon of Kilbaha South Townland, near the Galey River. I have just recently discovered this. She was born in 1870. Her Father was Patrick Scanlon and her Mother was Margaret Scanlon (nee Hennessy). They had Three children. Catherine, Timothy (b. 1872) and Patrick (b.1874) Catherine immigrated to the U.S. sometime in the 1890s and settled in Kansas City in the state of Missouri. Patrick also immigrated to U.S. and settled in Kansas City, Missouri as well. Timothy stayed in Kilbaha South Townland and worked as a farmer. I have found him on the Irish Census of 1901 and 1911 still living in Kilbaha South Townland. My Great Grandmother Catherine Scanlon married Thomas Boyd in Kansas City in 1904. I believe he was from Boyd’s in the North of Ireland, but I have not been able to fully trace his roots yet. You have a great web page. I have enjoyed reading about Moyvane and where my Great Grandmother grew up. I hope to come see Moyvane and Kilbaha some day. — Barry Boyd, Dallas, Texas USA

    Would it be likely that Timothy Scanlon and his parents Patrick and Margaret be buried at a cemetery in Kilbaha South or in Moyvane Village? Is that easy to research? Thank you!

    • patricia o'grady meyer

      dear barry,

      an excellent source for the neighboring graveyards is . joe maher has done an extensive and meticulous job of taking photos and identifying those buried in kerry. perhaps it would be a good place to start. best wishes.


      • Barry Boyd

        Thank you for your kind reply Patricia. I have searched Joe’s site but not yet found the Scanlon graves that I am looking for. Its a great site. These Scanlon graves would be pretty old. Before 1930 for Margaret Scanlon, and before 1960 for Timothy Scanlon. I will keep searching. Thanks again.

  14. Meghan

    I have been trying to find records of my family that used to live in Newtownsandes. They were the Buckley family. I am trying to get more information and try and get deeper then 1901. The head of the house is Denis Buckley who was 52 in 1901 and his wife was Kate Buckley who was 45 in 1901. If anyone has information about what they did or even who their parents were I would love that. Please send a email if you have anything.

    Thank you for the help

  15. Margaret Hicks

    Hello Anna Maria, so great to get your reply and to learn of Ron’s coming visit. My sister’s info regarding his poor health must be way off the mark! I have many questions re the family history but I won’t toss them all at you in one go! I have a receipt for the purchase of 2 plots in the Melbourne general cemetery signed by one,Cornelius Kennelly in 1894. John and Mary Kennelly are buried there with Clare and Ron. Before Ron died, we organised a granite headstone and after her death I had it completed, adding a celtic cross and the inscription, “Love never dies’ However, I believe the grave was origionally purchased for Bridget Kennelly,but I have no details to complete a headstone for her. Clare told my sister Helen that she could use this plot for herself if she so wished. I have found details that perhaps match Bridget’s arrival in Melbourne. Cornelius seems to have vanished as I can’t find any details for him either. Tho’ some shipping records seem to give a possible date for his arrival in Melbourne.
    I read the Parish notes and see that a Mass will be said for Patrick and Mary Kennelly on 15th Feb. Presuming we are related, I shall have a Mass said on the same day in our Parish Church for all the Kennellys of Moyvane who have travelled the journey of life before us. Stay safe and well.Love to all Margaret

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