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  1. Barry Boyd in Guestbook

    My Great Grandmother was Catherine Scanlon of Kilbaha South Townland, near the Galey River. I have just recently discovered this. She was born in 1870. Her Father was Patrick Scanlon and her Mother was Margaret Scanlon (nee Hennessy). They had Three children. Catherine, Timothy (b. 1872) and Patrick (b.1874) Catherine immigrated to the U.S. sometime in the 1890s and settled in Kansas City in the state of Missouri. Patrick also immigrated to U.S. and settled in Kansas City, Missouri as well. Timothy stayed in Kilbaha South Townland and worked as a farmer. I have found him on the Irish Census of 1901 and 1911 still living in Kilbaha South Townland. My Great Grandmother Catherine Scanlon married Thomas Boyd in Kansas City in 1904. I believe he was from Boyd’s in the North of Ireland, but I have not been able to fully trace his roots yet. You have a great web page. I have enjoyed reading about Moyvane and where my Great Grandmother grew up. I hope to come see Moyvane and Kilbaha some day. — Barry Boyd, Dallas, Texas USA

    Would it be likely that Timothy Scanlon and his parents Patrick and Margaret be buried at a cemetery in Kilbaha South or in Moyvane Village? Is that easy to research? Thank you!

    • patricia o'grady meyer

      dear barry,

      an excellent source for the neighboring graveyards is . joe maher has done an extensive and meticulous job of taking photos and identifying those buried in kerry. perhaps it would be a good place to start. best wishes.


      • Barry Boyd

        Thank you for your kind reply Patricia. I have searched Joe’s site but not yet found the Scanlon graves that I am looking for. Its a great site. These Scanlon graves would be pretty old. Before 1930 for Margaret Scanlon, and before 1960 for Timothy Scanlon. I will keep searching. Thanks again.

  2. Meghan in Guestbook

    I have been trying to find records of my family that used to live in Newtownsandes. They were the Buckley family. I am trying to get more information and try and get deeper then 1901. The head of the house is Denis Buckley who was 52 in 1901 and his wife was Kate Buckley who was 45 in 1901. If anyone has information about what they did or even who their parents were I would love that. Please send a email if you have anything.

    Thank you for the help

  3. Margaret Hicks in Guestbook

    Hello Anna Maria, so great to get your reply and to learn of Ron’s coming visit. My sister’s info regarding his poor health must be way off the mark! I have many questions re the family history but I won’t toss them all at you in one go! I have a receipt for the purchase of 2 plots in the Melbourne general cemetery signed by one,Cornelius Kennelly in 1894. John and Mary Kennelly are buried there with Clare and Ron. Before Ron died, we organised a granite headstone and after her death I had it completed, adding a celtic cross and the inscription, “Love never dies’ However, I believe the grave was origionally purchased for Bridget Kennelly,but I have no details to complete a headstone for her. Clare told my sister Helen that she could use this plot for herself if she so wished. I have found details that perhaps match Bridget’s arrival in Melbourne. Cornelius seems to have vanished as I can’t find any details for him either. Tho’ some shipping records seem to give a possible date for his arrival in Melbourne.
    I read the Parish notes and see that a Mass will be said for Patrick and Mary Kennelly on 15th Feb. Presuming we are related, I shall have a Mass said on the same day in our Parish Church for all the Kennellys of Moyvane who have travelled the journey of life before us. Stay safe and well.Love to all Margaret

  4. Irene Seabrook in Guestbook

    Hello I am so pleased to find your site. When researching my family history
    I have found 3 baptism details that took place at Dromtariffee
    Kerry(RC). Their family name is Ford (my maiden name).
    One of my ancestors lived at Murher, another at Coolclogher and another lived at
    Knockacarracuis all in the 1830 – 1840’s. I want to visit these places when I come
    to Ireland for the very first time in June.

    The only information I have found is that the modern name for Murher is “Moyvane”
    so that is one place I shall visit. Can you help me re the other 2 places I have mentioned?


    • Thomas Sheehan

      Hi Irene,
      Just saw your post . I may be wrong but I think that the Murhur you mention may be in another parish as the place names you mention I have not heard of in the locality. Murhur may be common to many parishes? There is a Dromtariffee near Mallow which falls under the catholic diocese of Kerry and a Coolclogher near Killarney which is probably again in that diocese. They have a facebook page best of luck with your research. Thomas.

  5. Margaret Hicks in Guestbook

    I am so excited to have discovered this site! I am seeking information re John Kennelly ( born 1866, arrived Melbourne Australia late 1880’s, married Mary O’Dea in 1890 and died Melbourne 1923) They had 7 children including Hannah Margaret ( my grandmother) and Patrick Joseph( a towering Labor figure in Australian politics.) I believe my cousin Ron Kennelly and his wife Anne who died a few years ago had frequent contact with the family in Ireland. Ron is quite elderly now and his search for further Family links has been suspended. My name is Margaret Hicks nee Moon. I live in Sydney having left Melbourne many years ago. I anxiously await your reply.

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Hi Margaret,
      Anna Maria Kennelly here. Sorry for not replying earlier but I was away at the time. Ron Kennelly is travelling to Ireland this month. I will find out more and let you know. Will you contact me at the above email address and I will let you the details.

  6. Donald Scanlon in Guestbook

    Who might address a letter too, that I might find out more info re my father
    Patrick J scanlon. He left Irelanf in 1920 and we’re told under circumstances were he was wanted by the English for some local issues.
    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Hi Donald,
      If you contact me at the above email address I will see if I can get you some information.

      • Donald Scanlon

        Dear Anna Marie
        I’ve quite a bit of info re the family tree, back as far as the marriage of Patrick Scanlon & Catherine Enright from Tarbert. My grand parents are Timothy Scanlon & Margaret Sullivan, there may be some Sullivan’s still living in and around Moyvane.
        My search for info on my father( should have questioned him when he was still alive) didn’t talk much about Ireland. And never had any great desire to go back. He left Ireland in 1920 at the age of 19, he was preceeded by his brother Michael age 26 the same year. I know the family was poor and it just seems strange that there was enough money for both boys to leave the same year. My Dad did go back in 1928 to see his father & mother. Then there is the matter of him having a pistol and a off hand remark that it was used to scare men to join the labor movement. I realize I’m not giving you much info, but anything you can find out would be much appreciated.

        Thank you

        • Donald P. canlon

          AnnaMarie Kennelly
          I haven’t heard from you ref. my request for info on my father.
          The name of the two graveyards closest to Moyvane.
          My Grandmother is buried with her brother (O’Sullivan)
          and Grandfather is buried in another graveyard.

  7. Margaret Hicks in Guestbook

    Oh Anna Maria Kennelly I am so excited to have found your name here!! I am trying to research my Kennelly family. I know my great grand father John Kennelly was born in Moyvane in 1866 and came to Australia in the 1880’s. He married Mary O’Dea in about 1892 and they had a number of children including my grandmother, Hannah Margaret. A few years ago, on the death of Ann Kennelly ( wife of my cousin,Ron) I saw a message from family in Ireland.I wonder if that was from your family? I’ve had no contact with Ron for some years and think he must be now quite elderly and frail by now. I live in Sydney while most of the family still live in Melbourne. Can’t wait to hear from you. Regards Margaret

  8. Jer in Guestbook

    Making a list of locals who served in army at home or abroad, Nurses and Red Cross volunteer names welcome
    please contact me, Jer

    • jim lynch gortdromagowna

      jer good evening how are you? i served in the united states army medical corp from december 1963 to december 1965 and four years in the reserves honorably discharged december 1969. i was stationed in new jersey ,texas and germany
      hope this helps chat later

  9. Michael Galvin in Guestbook

    I look forward to read the Knockanure notes,and the moyvane notes.
    My relatives were from murhur moyvane, my dad was jeremiah Galvin. Clounmacon. and bedford, Listowel. He was well known throughout the area as a farm contractor and travelled all over north kerry with his threshing machine. Also a successful greyhound breeder and owner. Dad played football for Listowel and Clounmacon in his younger days.

    The family emigrated to the USA in 1963. We all made a good living. retired us navy. army. ret contractors. ret jacksonville electric co, NYPD,, RET Health dept,, ret ,movements of oil ships and cargo.

  10. Frank Gregg in Guestbook

    Regards to all in Moyvane, from Buffalo NY. It was great to see Kerry win another all Ireland football final. My daughter Siobhan said that the Buffalo Bills should take a page out of the Kerry play book.
    I really enjoyed listening to the match on radio Kerry. This is a great site, keep up the good work.

  11. Maureen Porter in Guestbook

    My great grand mother was born in Ahalahana Moyvane in 1860 her name was Bridget O’Connell , her parents were John O’Connell&Catherine nee Sullivan .They came to the UK when she was a baby.I have had no luck in tracing them I wonder if anyone has heard of them .I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Seamus Roche

      Go to national archives of Ireland 1901 & you will find John o Connell married to Catherine with a son also more info. there

      • Maureen Porter

        Thanks for your reply but they left Ireland in 1861 so they won’t be on the 1901 census list

        • patricia o'grady meyer

          There is a family tree on that follows a Bridget O’Connell born about 1861 in Limerick to a John and Catherine of Ireland. In the 1881 Census, John and Catherine live in Deptford/St Paul with Bridgett 21 born in Ireland, Annie 16, Margaret 13, Catherine 11 and David 8, all born in England. Bridget eventually marries a Samuel Raggett in St. Paul, Deptford(town), (County) London and appears in an 1891 1901, 1911 England Census. Bridget died in St. Olave London in June 1928. They had a slew of children (8 documented). Do you think this could be her?

          • Maureen Porter

            Sorry to have not replied,I had found all those details the problem is I cannot find where Bridget’s parents came from and where they were born, there are so many with the same name.I would love to find out and go and see where they lived I have never been to Ireland a place I have always dreamed to see,perhaps this could be my lucky chance.
            Many thanks Maureen

  12. Mary Beth Gannon-Keegan in Guestbook

    Does anyone in Moyvane do genealogy research? If not, can you let me know how to get church records pre 1855 for that area. I have tried online church records for Kerry but can’t find anything that old or older for Moyvane/Murhur. I lost my mother to cancer and I promised her that I would continue her quest. Any help would mean the world to me.

    Looking for anything possible marriage record of my great-great-great grandparents Edward Mulvihill and Catherine Shea. His father may have been a Dennis Mulvihill circa 1700s. I believe Edward’s brother was a Michael Mulvihill who married Mary Cregan. My Edward came to America during the famine and ended up in LaSalle County, Illinois. He and his wife died mysteriously and left their son an orphan at a very young age.

    My mother and I went to Ireland not long before she died. We went to Listowel which we enjoyed so much. The priest at the church was not very helpful but the one in Ballybunion was, as was a kindly Teddy Flaherty at the Old Galey cemetery. We didn’t realize until we got back to America that we should have been looking in nearby Moyvane. My mom was so proud to be a Mulvihill, it meant the world to her. I even named one of my sons Mulvihill. Any help finding records on my ancestor Edward Mulvihill and his wife Catherine Shea would truly be appreciated. My name is Mary Beth Gannon-Keegan, I live in the Chicago area. My email is [email protected]

  13. Barry Conway in Guestbook

    Hello: Though I now live in California as a retired journalism professor, I’m originally from the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada and a direct descendant of Michael Conway from Glin, Limerick and Margaret Mulvihill of Newtownsandes, Kerry, and who were part of what we refer to in Canada as the Kerry-Limerick Chain (i.e. hundreds of West Limerick/North Kerry families who emigrated to the Ottawa Valley between the 1825 and 1850s).

    As such, I’m hoping to visit Moyvane next March to continue my research into the family of Nicholas Mulvihill and Mary Kennelly, and whose daughter, Margaret (1834-1901) was my great grandmother. I’m hoping you can help me with two things:
    1) A recommendation for local accommodation — I can’t seem to find any bed & breakfasts, hotels, etc. in Moyvane on the Web; any suggestions would be helpful; and
    2) wondering if you could direct me to any Moyvane genealogists/local historians who might be able to meet with me between March 23-27, 2015.

    I have assembled a considerable amount of documented research on early to mid-19th century families from you area (e.g. Costello, McMahon, etc.) and would be happy to share some books/papers with anyone (e.g. local librarian) in Moyvane who might be interested.

    Anyone can reach me by e-mail at [email protected]. Thanks for any help you can provide

  14. Marcia Furler in Guestbook

    I am trying to locate a Connie O’Driscoll Murphy who lived in Australia for some years and became a good friend. I notice that your newspaper mentions someone of the same name. Would it be possible to give me her contact details or give her mine, if indeed she once lived in Canberra Australia. Her husband’s name is Willy.

    Thank you.

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Hello Marcia,
      Was talking to Connie to-night. She comes to our Bingo every Thursday night, lovely lady, great fun. Next time I meet her I will tell her and get her number or you can mail me at the above address and I will pass on yours.

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Hello again Marcia. Talked to Connie tonight and she would love to get in touch with you again. Mail me at [email protected] with your details and I will pass them on to Connie.

  15. Colleen Finnegan in Guestbook

    I have a question, Is there a farm or village named “beaurock” in Kilmorna, because that is what my grandfather Michael Finucane wrote of his fathers residence, James Finucane on his passenger list when he arrived In New York in 1907. I can’t seem to place it on the map. However, i do know their farm was in lissianka in 1901.

    • Jer

      Carrueragh may be the word, to stranger it would be hard to write it down.

      • Colleen Finnegan

        Jer, thank you so much you’ve been a great help to me!

    • Matt McMahon

      The name could be also be “Beenbrack” where there were at least two Finucane families – it would also be part of Lisaniskea.

      • Colleen Finnegan Whelan

        Matt, yes you could be right. The passenger list does say Beaurock, but that could be a bad translation that was filled in and misunderstood. It’s reads “Father, James Finucane, Beaurock, Kilmorna, County Kerry” as the next of kin.

    • Anna Maria Kennelly

      Perhaps the word is Beenanaspuck. I found a James Finucane married Mary Diggins, Moybella, Lisselton in Ballybunion on 22, January 1884 and they had a son, Michael born 15, November 1884 and a daughter, Mary born 29, September 1886. When people arrived at Ellis Island many were unable to write so the names were corrupted in the pronunciation. For instance two I know of, Whelan became Whalen and Jameson became Jamieson. I don’t have a subscription to the site or to ancestry so I can’t check any further for you. Hope this helps.

      • Colleen Finnegan Whelan

        Yes, Anna Marie, thank you. My research was a little confusing as there are so many Finucanes in the area in the 1800’s! James Finucane is my great grand father and Mary Diggins is my great grandmother. I do know they married in 1884 and had a son Michael (my grand father). They also had a daughter Margaret and Mary and another son William. I found a census in 1901 for a residence at 11 Lisaniska, Newtownsandes, Kerry. James is listed as a widow in 1901 and lived there with his children Margret 10 and William 12. Michael was 16 and worked as a servant on a local farm owned by the Hunt family. (Also on the farm are my great great grandparents, Michael Finucane 85, retired farmer and Mary Finucane 80). I cannot find anything on Mary (Molly) and wonder when she died and of what. I checked the grave sites throughout the area to no avail. Michael Finucane (my grandfather) immigrated to the U.S. in 1907 as a Finucane. He got married to Anna O’Keefe in 1908 and that’s when he changed his name to Finnegan. We always knew our name was Finucane in Ireland. Thank you so much for your response and I cannot wait to visit the area with my sister and cousin Maureen Finnegan (daughter of James Finnegan).

        • Matt McMahon

          Colleen, yes I am almost certain that I know the family, since I was growing up in the area I was very close to the family of Bill Finucane ( William in the 1901 census). If you wish to continue the conversation offline my email is [email protected]

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