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  1. Jim Kennelly in Guestbook

    I would like to know what happened to the farm in Kilbaha, Moyvane owned by Jimmy and Mamie Kennelly. Jimmy passed on his 92nd birthday in 2005. Mamie in 2008. They both supposedly passed away in Kilbaha and were buried in Murhur Cemetery in Moyvane. According Helen’s Family, Jimmy and Mamie had seven children, all of whom were listed at “living” under the current update. Anyone know this family? Or if they still own this farm in Kilbaha? Coming to the Village in 10 days and would like to see it. Have walked Lavalla South and the Hill Road from Knockanure Road to the Limrick County Line via Google Streetview wondering which farm might be the one my grandfather grew up on. Would love to see it. When we are in Moyvane the week of July 17th to the 20th. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jim Kennelly in Guestbook

    A branch of the Kennelly family returns for the first time to Moyvane after 112 years to visit this July 18-21. Jim Kennelly, brother of Tim Kennelly, son of Daniel Kennelly and Catherine Thornton, left for America in September 1906. We hope to say hello and find out what happened to the family farm…

    • Jim Kennelly

      The Kennelly farm was in Kilbaha, not sure yet if North, South or Middle, but investigating. It was in the care of Tim Kennelly and his finance, Mary Jane Hanrahan, (a lovely singer according to an article on this site) when Jim emigrated to New York City in September 1906. One of Tim and Mary Jane’s 15 children, Michael, eventually came to New York and lived with Jim and his family (which included my father) while he completed his high school education before entering into his training to join the Jesuit order. Fr. Michael Kennelly went on to serve as President of Loyola University in New Orleans and be named a member of the Papal Household. Although probably not the same branch, we’re still looking forward to stopping by Kennelly’s Homevalue Harware in the village, seeing Our Lady of the Assumption Church, the Co-op, the GAA football pitch, and seeing as much as we can of the Middle Plain.

  3. Lee Morris in Guestbook

    I am a Huddersfield Town supporter and Eoin Hand, who I’m led to believe is a resident of Moyvane, was the manager of my football club between 1988 and 1992. I write to former players and managers of Huddersfield Town to ask for their autographs and also their thoughts on their time at the club and what they think to the club’s current situation (being in the Premier League). I have been trying to contact Eoin for many years but to no avail. I am wondering if anyone on this page could help put me in touch with Eoin? Or alternatively put Eoin in touch with me? I’d be grateful for any help. Cheers!

  4. Donna McGreevy in Guestbook

    Mary Anne Buckley (birth around 1866 in Kerry)
    I hope someone might be able to help me in a search for the family/homeplace of Mary Anne Buckley. We don’t know who her parents were (trying to find out) but she was in Chicago with Ellen O Connor nee Buckley from Kilbaha (father Timothy Buckley, Mother Ellen Walsh), wife of Jeremiah O Connor from 1890 onwards. The sponsors/ witnesses at family events were Timothy Buckley, Robert Buckley, James Buckley, Mary Griffin, Nellie Keegan, Hannah Buckley, John Buckley and Michael Buckley. I think they were cousins. If anyone has any pointers, it would be great. Have looked at, Parish records etc. Can’t seem to find Mary. Many thanks

  5. Anna Culhane in Guestbook

    If the person who posted the comments below (Knockanure Notes – 6th July, 2009) is still wanting information on its the contents, please contact me by email
    “INFORMATION Wanted on; Patrick Culhane, of Adrian, Mich., died Sept. 4th, 1908. He was born 1848 and went to America in 1870. Patrick was survived by three children, Thomas and Mary Culhane of Adrian, Mich., and Mrs. William O’Brien of Rochester and siblings Daniel, Michael and John Culane, and Mrs. William Bunce of Ireland, Miss Catherine Culhane and Mrs. Charles Reeling of Rochester, Mrs. Michael Windle of Honeoye Falls and Mrs. John Bunce of Victor. Details from the Victor Herald New York.”

    • Eileen Culhane Fitch

      My name is Eileen Culhane and we believe the Culhane
      Family you spoke of is my family also.

  6. Colin J Kelly in Guestbook

    My mother’s maiden name
    was Mary Stundon
    Born: October 31, 1905. In Moyvane, Kerry . My Grandmother’s maiden was Fitzgerald, Anistasa. My Grandfather ‘s name Patrick Stundon. The farm was turned over to my mother’s sister who was married to an Enright.

  7. Sandy Mulvihill in Guestbook

    I have a photo of a Gravestone marker in the Murher cemetery near Mulvane dedicated to Cornelius C. Mulvihill and his wife Mary Costellow. This was erected by J.C. Mulvihill of Nashville, TN and I am trying to connect him with my husband’s great grandfather Edward or possibly Edmund who also lived in Nashville. I have reason to believe they were brother and immigrated together. Are there any remaining Mulvihills in the area? It is such a delight to read the history of your lovely area on this site and look forward to visiting your beautiful country in August. Thank you for making this available.

    • Nicholas John Warrington

      I have just found a Cornelius Mulvihill on my family history that I have no information about but he was born in C.1830-C.1850. But on my family history he has siblings called Daniel (1830-1877), Margaret (1832-), Mary? (1835-) and Johanna (1844-). Are these your relatives?

      • Sandy Mulvihill

        No, I do not have anyone by those names or dates. But, who knows???

    • Martin Moore

      What was Cornelius’ date of death?

      • Nicholas John Warrington

        Martin I do not.have his death date.

      • Sandy Mulvihill

        I do not have a date of death, just a photo of the marker which names his wife as Mary Costellow and deceased children Mary and William. JC Mulvihill, the son who erected the monument was born in 1836 and died in 1917. I assume his name was Jeremiah Cornelius or at least that is what my records claim.

  8. Cornelius Flynn in Guestbook

    Hello, I am wondering if anniversaries of events that occurred during the War of Independence are commemorated. I am specifically interested in the events at Gortaglanna near Knockanure on 12th May, 1921. I have never visited Ireland and I am hoping to do so. With the 100th anniversary approaching in a few years, I am considering trying to coordinate my trip with the anniversary.
    Thank you,
    Cornelius Flynn

    • Nicholas John Warrington

      THE GORTAGLANNA ANNUAL COMMEMORATION: takes place on Saturday 12th May at 7.30pm. People are asked to assemble at Mc Mahon’s Bridge. Guest speaker Councillor Toiréasa Ferris. That is what it says on this website for the 2018 commemoration.

    • Martin Moore

      It certainly will be. The commemorations, which have started have included commemorating Thomas Ashe last year. Thomas Russell and the Gortatlea attack has been commemorated this year. Knockanure being a significant event will have a suitable commemoration in 2021. Keep in touch for details. Martin Moore. email [email protected]

    • Cornelius Flynn

      Thank you for the replies and information. I will be in touch.

  9. Amanda in Guestbook

    My name is Amanda and I am looking for information about my ancestors. I live in the United States and just found out I am half Irish and really excited about it!
    My great-great-great grandfather Patrick Connor was born in Moyvane in 1836 (it says the Parish Moyvane and address is Kilmany. Is that a city or street name or something?) He immigrated to the US in the 1860s I think. His siblings were all born in the same place: Edmund, Mary, and Dermot. Their parents were Denis Connor and Margaret Bryan.

    • Martin Moore

      Hi Amanda,

      Kilmeaney is a beautiful part of North Kerry. Connor [and O’Connor] is a surname strongly associated with North Kerry. Google ‘Carrigafoyle Castle’ and you should get some of this history. I will look more at your request in the next week or so.

      • Martin Moore

        Denis, was born 8 April 1836 and his sponsors were Maurice Moloney and Bridget Stokes; His brother Edmund was born 31 Jan 1832 and the sponsors were William Moore and Margaret Pope. That Moore family are still there. The Popes were wiped out in Famine times.Dermot was born on 28 Aug 1840 and John Scanlan and Elizabeth Stokes were sponsors. My grandafther’s grandmother was a Bridget Stokes, but I cannot say it is the same woman. You should be aware that Kilmeaney was sometimes recorded as Riversdale in early 19 century records. You may know all this already. Martin.

  10. Margaret Hicks in Guestbook

    I am having trouble finding Kennelly ancestors from Moyvane. Requests for help don’t seem to bring much success. Would there be anyone who would undertake some research for me? I am willing to pay for time spent, etc.
    I’m looking for:
    John Kennelly Cornelius Kennelly Bridget Kennelly and their parents,etc. All migrated to Australia in the 1880’s or 1890’s.
    Assistance would be much appreciated.

    • MJ

      Hi Margaret
      I too posted here, trying to get info on my grandfather and great-grandfather. Not one reply—which was very disappointing.

    • Martin Moore


      You would need more information. Have you tried It is free and you should be able to get what you want.

      I had a quick look and found a John Kennelly of Leitrim, Moyvane, born in 1865 to Michael Kennelly and Mary kennelly. A Cornelius Kennelly was born to same parents in 1863. I have no idea if this is ‘your’ Kennellys or not. Hope this is of some use.

      Martin Moore

    • Nicholas John Warrington

      Margaret do you know the parents names because then I can find birth records, baptism records and the parents marriage and family. I will try and do a family tree if you would like me to.


  11. Lisa Jennings in Guestbook

    Does anyone know who the parents of Bishop John J Fitzmaurice born in Newtownsandes in 1840. I am the descendent of Catherine Fitzmaurice born 1841 whose father was Thomas Fitzgerald of Listowel (from her marriage cert) . Family lore says we are related to the Bishop so I am wondering whether his father was also Thomas but can find any information anywhere about his parents.

    • Patricia O'Grady Meyer

      Hello Lisa.

      I am finding info on a John Edmund Fitzmaurice, born Jan 8, 1839 in Newtownsandes, emigrating to Pennsylvania in 1858 where he was a parish priest before becoming Bishop in 1899. Could this be the same man?


      • Lisa Jennings

        Yes he is the same person I’m trying to find out who his parents were – do you have any information on that?

        • Patricia O'Grady Meyer


          This info is from a family tree on for a Jon Ferrin (not sure if that name might be a relative of yours). John Edmund was born to James Fitzmaurice (1803-1889) and Catherine Walsh (1809-1899). James was the son of Edmund (1780-?) and Elizabeth (no date).

          John Edmund’s siblings were:
          Edmund 1832-1903
          Johanna 1837-1927 married Thaddeus Scanlon
          William 1840-1933 married Joanna Costelloe
          Catherine 1841-1922 married John Clark
          James J 1843-1906
          Francis P 1848-1925
          Elizabeth 1854-1908 married Andrew Crane

          William and Joanna’s son, Edmond J (1881-1963), nephew to John Edmund, was also a priest in a parish in Delaware.

          If I can be of any further help. contact me directly at [email protected] and I’ll find what I can for you.


  12. PJ Mackessy in Guestbook

    Hello all I’ve been on line for hours trying to find a place called Inchamore, listowel, and apart from finding a lot of people R.I.P who have died in a place that doesn’t seem to exist, but I know it does. but not on any map I can find, any help please thank you and Good Luck…… PJ Mackessy

    • Tim scanlon

      Hi, yes Inchamore Listowel is a small townland in the Moyvane parish, there are 3 houses in the parish, and as far as I know our family House was once owned by the mackessy family ,,,

      • PJ Mackessy

        Was I’m on hear after a year Just seen your reply thank you, are you still there if so can I know more thank you and have a Happy Christmas Good Luck from Tipperary, if you would like to email me…[email protected] thank you…….PJ

  13. Seamus Roche in Guestbook

    Check for baptismal records.when in Moyvane call to Mairead Kearney bar at night 9.30pm on, there you might meet Gabriel Fitzmaurice who might be ablt help
    Best of luck
    Seamus Roche

  14. Patrick Mackessy in Guestbook

    Hello There, any one know any thing about a Patrick Scanlon and his wife Margaret Scanlon maden name (Flaherty).
    My mom Mary Mackessy maden name (Scanlon) was born to Patrick and Margaret on the 15th March 1927….. and married my Dad Tim Mackessy. Thank you and Good luck……..

  15. Maureen Porter in Guestbook

    Hi Pat
    It’s me again still searching for my Great Great Grandparents John and Catherine O’Connell they had a daughter Bridget in July 1861 ,I would love to know where they were married and Catherine’s maiden name.I am coming over to Ireland in two weeks and it would be great if I could trace them, thanks for all your help

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