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  1. Darci Mulvihill

    Hello from California, USA!

    I am traveling to Ireland in February 2013 and will swinging through the area. My ancestors are from Newtownsandes. I can’t wait to see the area and hopefully find out more about my family history and any relatives still in the area. Below is what I know about my ancestors. If anyone can help expand this or provide additional information about places of interest (such as churches or cemetaries), it would be greatly appreciated.

    *Edmund Joseph Mulvihill was my great great great grandfather. He was born in 1819 in Co. Kerry and died in 1887 in California. He married Mary Lynch (daughter of Kate Fitzgerald, sister of Garret Lynch). They had 6 children, 2 of whom were born in Newtownsandes and 4 of whom were born in Guernsey Island where the family moved around 1850, followed by New York around 1871, and California around 1876.

    *John Mulvihill, born in 1847, Co. Kerry.
    *Denis Mulvihill, born June 1, 1849, Newtownsandes.
    *Ellen Mulvihill, born in 1854, Guernsey Island.
    *Catherine Mulvihill, born in 1856, Guernsey Island.
    *Edmund Joseph Mulvihill, born in 1859, Guernsey Island.
    *Mary Mulvihill, born in 1867, Guernsey Island.

    Denis Mulvihill is my great great grandfather. He married Margaret Ellen Hanrahan in 1878 in California. She was born in 1852 in Ireland, was the daughter of Michael Hanrahan and Mary Mulvihill, and grandaughter of “Big Mike” Hanrahan and Bridget O’Shanghnessy.

    If anyone has information to share about my ancestors, please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you in advance!

    Darci Mulvihill

  2. james

    my great great grandparents emigrated from this area in the 1840s daniel mulvihill johanna connor . my great grandfather was their son james they left ireland and settled in westport ontario

  3. Raymond Mc Auliffe

    I was looking for information on my grandfather.He was born in cork as far as i know,and moved to moyvan co Kerry.His name was Patrick Mc Auliffe.His mothers name was Mary Enright and listening to stories from my father there was aunt Molly who as far as i know lived there all her life.My grandfather would of been born in 1900 approx.He left moyvan to work in dublin as a train driver where he met my grandmother Nurse Julia Mc Mahon.They were married in 1922.They had four children,Mary,Jack,Fr Terence,and Annie Laurie.My grand father left Ireland for Boston USA and never returned.I have never met my grandfather and would appreciate any information on him.Kind Regards Raymond Mc Auliffe.

    • John McAuliffe

      Pat McAuliffe is my uncle, he passed away in the early eighty,s in NY, I knew him very well and we often played tunes together Pat on violin and me on the flute, he also played music with my father John Mc Auliffe, he had the same type job as my uncle Joe, they worked o the trains, i think he made a couple of trips to Dublin to visit his wife and family. He also was a very good singer and sang on radio here some years ago, he lived in Manhatten New York city and never divorced or remarried, we took care of his funeral etc, he is buried out in Queens NY. I got in touch with his grandson who lives in Wexford a few years ago.
      Hope this helps,
      John McAuliffe,

  4. Richard JAMES

    G Grandpa Patrick SHINE is said to have been born in Tarbert in 1829. I loved his daughter and my grandma Mary.

  5. Jackie Silcock

    Hello, this is the year at last I come to visit Moyvane and to visit the lovely Shamrock cottage, Madge Buckley would you be related to me? My grandmother was Fannie Buckley she was born in this cottage in 1902. Looking forward to my visit at the end of May

    Have you any information of any living relations I may have?

    Many thanks.

  6. Annonymous

    Well done to Moyvane Development Association for bringing the subject of the Garda Station Closure to the fore. As in the Local Newspaper reports Ballylongford were the only village to object from the start. Why I wonder did Moyvane people not object? Food for thought.

  7. Michael Coleman

    RE: My Great-Grandmother Bridget Moore

    Hello Residents of Moyvane–

    Thought the following information may interest you.

    Recently I took a look around the Irish Immigration records available online. I was looking for any info on my Great-Grandmother Bridget Moore. My only knowledge of her was from my mother who was born and raised in western Massachusetts.

    My Mum recalled that Bridget would write to her cousin, Mary Shinners, back in Ireland. (And Mum noted that all letters seemed to go unanswered following WWII.) When Great-Grandma Bridget was asked where she was from, Mum said it sounded like she answered “new conbon waterpot”. I took that as a probable “Newtown County Waterford”.

    Mum said Bridget left Cork at the age of fourteen. Because of this departure point Mum believed Bridget was from Cork. Mum’s story went on saying that when Bridget arrived in the US, she joined her sister in Philadelphia, got a job as a houskeeper with a wealthy family who owned a summer ‘cottage’ in the Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where she met and married Michael Burns, a Stockbridge farmer.

    Here are some details from copies of the documents found through internet research. They help to solve many mysteries.

    Firstly, an Alien Immigration Manifest. 13 May 1899 SS Campania. Queenstown Co Cork to New York.

    Line 25 Ticket No 4711 Bridget Moore Age- 14 (?) Sex- F.
    Married or Single- S. Calling or Occupation- Servant.
    Able to Read- yes. Write- yes. Nationality- Irish.
    Last Residence- NewtownSandes.
    Seaport for landing in the United States- New York.
    Final destination in the United States- New Jersey.
    Whether having a ticket to such destination- yes.
    By whom was passage paid- self.
    Whether in possession of money. If so, whether more than $30 and how much if $30 or less- $0 (?)
    Whether over before to the United States . . . No.
    Whether going to join a relative . . . (appears blank)
    Ever in Prison or Almshouse or supported by charity . . . No.
    Whether a Polygamist- No.
    Whether under Contract, express or implied . . . No.
    Condition of Health, Mental and Physical- Good.
    Deformed or Crippled . . . No.

    I googled “NewtownSandes” and found you! I am sorry to say that I never have heard of NewtownSandes although I have lived in Co. Mayo for the last 22 years. I now realise that the village’s name has been officially changed to Moyvane.

    another document . . .
    Ellis Island Certificate. Found the same Bridget Moore.

    and a transcript of a Baptismal Record. Same Bridget. Her address given as “Benanaspug”. I’ve seen “Benanaspug” spelled as “Beenanaspig” in other sources.

    Father: William Moore. Mother: Margaret Shine.

    Margaret’s surname Shine, I believe, was misunderstood by my mother who may have heard it as ‘shinner’. Further research, yet unconfirmed, says that my Great-Great Grandmother Margaret may have had brothers with daughters named ‘Mary’; i.e. Cousin Mary Shine. (Incidentally, Margaret’s father was Cornelius Shine. And I can find no surname “Shinners” or “Shinnors” in your part of Ireland.)

    I am curious to know if there is anyone within your community who may know Bridget’s family descendants. And if so, perhaps they would like to correspond with me. I will visit NewtownSandes during this year with hopes of finding Bridget’s family home or what is left of it.

    –Michael Coleman. Whitethorn Studio, Carrowkeel, Lahardaun “Ireland’s Titanic Village”, County Mayo.
    [email protected]

  8. Annonymous

    I enjoy this website very much. I hope it is not going to become a political forum and, instead, remain the amazing website it is, where people can reminisce on the past and catch up on everything going on currently in our lovely village.

  9. Seamus Roche

    Moyvane Development Association are holding a meeting to discuss the closure of the local Garda station, a plan of action will be drawn up, letters to the local representives & a petition are some of the items to be considered. We will inform the public of the outcome of the meeting through, the local papers & the church newsletter.

    Seamus Roche

  10. anti wind mills

    do the people of moyvane realise the distruction it faces with the proposed wind mill development!! do you want to live in a wind farm? do you want to loose the view, the mobile, sky and broadband reception hense a mast being erected! this development will benefit a select few who are willing to sacrafice our town for profit, wake up people and make a stand before we become a concreted turn table!!

  11. concerned local

    i agree with m coady, peolpe need to act now in relation to the garda station!! be vocal, contest your td’s , our local councillor , our mayor, our development comittee and sign the petition!!

  12. Michael Coady

    I would like to know what we as a community are going to do in relation to the closure of our local Garda station, we should not just accept this decision, we should voice our opposition, the loss of this station will have have a detremental effect on our community. The local Garda was not just someone that was there to hand out tickets, but he was an approchiable man and a very valuable member of the community and you had a sence of security when he was around you felt safe, but as we have all heard or read obout the increse in thefts from diesel tanks to home,s been robbed, we need this station to stay open now more than ever, so to this community we need to act now. It Could also be a possibility that an post could close our local post office as a result of the greater risk poised to it as a direct result to the closure of our station. I hope to have a petition in place within the coming days but if this community has other things in play then please let us know.
    M. Coady

  13. J Brennan

    Great article about the Knockanure ambush.

    “Those who are forgetful or misread the past are the doubting cynics of today, the defeatists of tomorrow”
    Sean Moylan. North Cork Brigade.

  14. Bill Kelly

    Merry Christmas & A Happy new year to you all .

  15. Danica Tatum

    My grandfather is Daniel A Enright born in 1913.
    Just wondering if he is part of your family?
    Thank you

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