Bishops and Priests

by Jer Kennelly


Archbishop Edward Carmody, Born 1934, son of Michael Carmody and Mary Stack, Ordained in Carlow in 1957, Appointed Bishop of Tyler in 1992, and appointed Archbishop of Corpus Christi Texas 2000.

Archbishop E. J. Fitzmaurice, born in Leitrim, Moyvane, in 1881 son of William Fitzmaurice and Hannah Costelloe, Ordained in 1904, appointed Bishop of Wilrnington Del. Appointed titular Archbishop in 1960, died in 1962.

Bishop John J. Fitzmaurice uncle of the above born in 1840, Ordained in 1862, appointed Bishop of Erie in 1899, died in 1920.

Bishop James Moore, born in 1832 at Keylod, Moyvane, son of Patrick Moore and Alice Dunne. Appointed Bishop of Ballarat, Australia in 1884, died in 1904.

Bishop Collins CSSR, born in Moyvane 1921, son of Michael Collins and Catherine O’Connor, Bishop of Mircena, Brazil.

Moyvane Priests

Fr. Tom McElligott DD, died in 1967.
Fr. Edward McElligott. Ordained in Carlow in 1939, was in Kenya from 1951 to 1954, died in 1982 (a Kiltegan Father).
Fr. Patrick Collins, Salesian died on the 27th March 1969.
Fr. John Shine, P.P. Ordained in 1947 for the Kerry Diocese.
Fr. Myles Keamey. Ordained in 1938 for New Orleans, died July 1979.
Fr. Myles Keamey. Ordained in 1971 (nephew of above).
Fr. Thade Enright. Born in 1857, buried in Murhur Cemetery in 1892.
Fr. Denis Buckley. Ordained in 1849, worked in Kenya and New York, died 24th January 1992.
Fr. Michael Buckley. Brother of above.
Fr. Patrick. Cunningham. Ordained in 1929, son of Maurice Cunningham and Mary Ann Foran, was in the Diocese of New Orleans, died in 1984 aged 81 years.
Fr. James Cunningham. Ordained in 1939, (brother of the above). 1913-1966.
Fr. John Shanahan S.J. was in the Diocese of New Orleans in 1902. When Br. Austin Shanahan died at Presentation Monastery Cork, Ireland.

Fr. Shanahan. Died in United States 1970.

Fr. Con Hanrahan, worked in his Ministry in Melbourne Diocese 1949.

Fr. Joseph Walsh. Mill-Hill Fathers. Born in 1924, son of Maurice Walsh and Mary Hanrahan, Ordained in 1949.
Fr. Walsh (uncle of above).
Fr. Maurice Kissane, his mother was Walsh.
Fr. Edmond J. Kissane. Ordained in 1919, died in 1973. Syracuse U.S.A.
Fr. Patrick Ahern. Born in 1932. Son of John Ahern and Margaret Walsh.
Fr. Dan Ahern. (brother of above) Born in 1936. Ordained in 1961. Columban Fathers, Fiji.
Fr. Michael Scanlon. Entered 1845. Believed to be Ordained by St. John Newman of Philadelphia.
Fr. Maurice Kennelly. Born in 1854. Son of Daniel Kennelly and Catherine Mahony. Ordained in AH. Died in U.S.A. in 1934.

Fr. James Kissane. Born in 1928. Kerry Diocese.
Fr. John Corridan. Ordained in 1951, Kerry Diocese. Died in 1982.
Fr. John Flaherty. (A great Moyvane Footballer), works in Florida.

Fr. Robert Nolan. Ordained in 1887. Died in 1901 in Iowa, U.S.A.. Son of Daniel Nolan and Mary Cox.
Fr. Michael F. Nolan. (brother of above) and attended his funeral in 1901.
Fr. Michael Galvin. Ordained 1933 in Carlow. Died 1967, buried in Murhur Churchyard, Moyvane. Son of William Galvin and Mary Windle.

Fr. John Stack. Ordained for Kerry 1907. Went to USA. Ministered at Rockaway Beach. Celebrated his Golden Jubilee there.
Fr. William O’Connor. Ordained for Kerry in 1883. He had brothers Con and John. Died Parish Priest of Annascaul 1914.

Fr. Michael Kennelly. Son of Timothy Kennelly and Mary Jane Hanrahan. Built a fine school at Tampa, Florida.
Fr. William Kennelly, like his brother above was a member of the Jesuit Order. They had several granduncles Jesuits.
Fr. Timothy Hanrahan. Born c1890. Ordained for Harrisburg in 1919. Died the 16th October 1935.
Fr. Michael Hanrahan. Born 1933. Son of Patrick Hanrahan and Julia Shanahan. Ordained Kilkenny 1959. Ministered in Florida. Died 1999. Buried Ahavoher Cemetery, Moyvane.

Fr. John Scanlon. Ordained for Kerry. Died 1985. Buried Moyvane.

Fr. Maurice Kennelly. Born in 1854. Son of Daniel Kennelly and Catherine Mahony. Ordained in 1879. Ministered in San Francisco USA. Died in 1934.
Fr. Richard Carr. Born in 1853. Died 23rd. May 1895 in Chiltern Australia.
Fr. John Collins. Born in 1869. Died in Melbourne, Australia in 1936. Son of William Collins and Mary Shanahan.

Fr. Robert Stack. Born in 1849. Died in 1895 in Watertown USA. Son of Patrick Stack and Margaret Sullivan.
Fr. Edmond Stack (brother of above Robert). Ordained in 1890. Died in 1921.

Fr. Gerard Stack. Ordained in 1873. Born in 1846. Died in 1906. Son of Maurice Stack and Catherine Larkin.

Fr. Con. Hanrahan. Born 1892. Died in 1945 in Melbourne, Australia. Uncle of Denis Hanrahan.
Fr. Michael Mulvihill. Born 1847. Son of Patrick Mulvihill and Hanora Walsh.

Knockanure Priests

Fr. Francis Moore. Born 1813. Died in 1892 and is buried in Killarney. Date on his Headstone is 1882. Son of Patrick Moore and Mary O’Henry.
Fr. Thomas Moore. Ordained 1932 for Adelaide Diocese, Australia. Born 1907. Retired in 1986 and is living in Listowel.

Fr. Thomas O’Sullivan. Ordained in 1920 in Carlow for Diocese of California. Died 1962.

Fr. James Leahy. Ordained in 1937. Born 1919. Died in 1999 and is buried in Old Knockanure. Son of Thomas Leahy and Elizabeth Keane.
Fr. Michael Leahy. (brother of above James) Ordained in 1944. Is now retired Monsignor of Listowel.
Fr. Tom McMahon, one of the last Knockanure students in All Hallows, ministering in England.

Fr.Michael Carroll. Ordained Thurles 1934 for Cardiff. Son of Jeremiah Carroll and Mary O’Gorman.
Fr. Austin O’Callaghan. Ordained 8th June 1958. Died Curate of Irromore 1986. Son of Padraig O’Callaghon and Elizabeth Cronin.
Fr. Brendan O’Callaghan. Ordained 1960 (brother of above).

Fr. Patrick Larkin. Ordained 1916 for Wichita. Born 1892. Retired in 1954. Died 1980.
Fr. Patrick Larkin. Jnr. (nephew of above) Ordained 1955 at St. Kieran’s for Kansas.
Fr. Con Nolan. Ordained at Wexford 1940 for Perth, Australia. Chaplain to St. John of God Hospital, Salvado Road, Subioco, Western Australia.

Fr. Luke O’Carroll. Born 1856. Died 1938 in Los Angeles in retirement.
Fr. Michael hunt. 1851. Son of Michael Hunt and Nora Mahony. Ordained for Hartford. Died there in 1912.
Fr. James Hunt. (brother of above Michael) Ordained 1871. Born 1848. Died 1912 in Sacramento.
Fr. Con O’Connor. 1847. Son of Con O’Connor and Margaret Leahy. Died 1898.
Fr. Michael O’Connor. Born 1855. Ordained for San Francisco.(brother of above Con.)
Fr. John o’Connor. Uncle of Jack Maggie O’Connor. Ordained c.1907.

Fr. William Moloney. Ordained 1864. Ministered on the Gold Dust Trails. Born 1841. Died in 1903 in Sutter Creek. Son of Tadhg Moloney and Catherine Enright.
Fr. William Broderick. Ordained 5th June 1947.

Fr. Con Connor. Ordained 1945. Died 1989. Son of Patrick Connor and Nora Pierce. Born 1910.
Fr. John Connor. Ordained 1935. Died 1993. Ministered in Sacramento {brother of above)
Fr. Michael Connor. Ordained 1933. Born 1908. Ministered in Los Angeles. {brother of above)
Fr. Patrick Moore. Ordained 1863. Born 1834. Died 1880. Ministered in Melbourne Diocese. Son of Patrick Moore and Alice Dunne. Brother of Bishop James Moore.
Fr. Patrick Moore. Ordained in Killamey 1874. Born 1852. Died 3rd May 1879 at his mothers home. Son of Tom Moore and Bridget Madigan of Shanagolden area.
Fr. Thomas Austin Moore. Born 1842. Son of Michael Moore and Mary Naughton. Gave his position to Fr. Moore in Summer of 1877 and left Ballarat.
Fr. Patrick Michael Moore. Born 1840. {brother of above Thomas. Registered in Melbourne 1863. Died Ballarat c.1880.

Fr. Foran. P.P. Prior died Ilth February 1906. Buried Murhur aged 56 years.
Fr. Michael Nolan. Born in Ardagh. Ordained 1896. Gives his Parish as Newtowndillon.
Fr. John O’Connoll. Died aged 36 years on 9th April 1822. Buried in Murhur.
Fr. John B. Cunningham. Died 17th July 1885. Ordained Louvin 26th June 1885. Buried in Murhur.