Past and Present

These pages compare present-day scenes in Moyvane with some from long ago….

Main Street

As it was once:

And as it is today :

Newtownsandes Co-op

As it was once!:

And as it is today:

Garda Station

As it was once:

And as it is today:

Sadly, the Garda Station building is no longer in use today. Instead the State-owned property has been allowed to fall into a decrepit state from its once well maintained “occupied” state.

The Riddle of the Three-Sided Building
Quite recently, this unhappy appearance must have been somewhat of an embarrassment for the State Authority charged with the responsibility for its upkeep, as the building had been painted on all sides but one! One can only assume that it was not worth painting the side not seen from the road.

Now, in Moyvane, the “Guardians of the Peace” (An Garda Síochána) must contend with a pre-fabricated building constructed at the rear of the main barracks building. Going by earlier reports in the Regional Newspaper, the Kerryman, this must surely bring much needed comfort to those working there as they previously had to use Telephone Books to escape the dampness from the seats!