Knockanure Notes — 13th September, 2015

PARISH Meeting in the Marian Hall on 22nd September at 8pm all welcome.

LAUNCH: Johnny Lane of Kilmorna tells me he has launched a CD , called Wrapped in Green and Gold, proceeds in aid of  Cúnamh Cancer Support Group in the Cork Bons in thanks for all the help they have given to Mairead and many more over the past year. Available locally.

BEST Wishes to all the Junior Cert students who recently received their results. Best wishes also to Stephen Goulding the new principal of Listowel Community College, his ancestors came from Knockanure.

RACING continues in Listowel till Sept. 19th. The All Ireland Wrenboys competition is on Friday 18th always a night to remember.

AUTUMN: Swallows are flocking preparing to leave us. The blackberry and wild plum are ripe. The recent fine weather has enabled harvesting to be almost completed, then we had dreadful downpour on Friday last, causing flooding in many places..

CONGRATULATIONS to Moyvane U10 footballers who won in Listowel on September 6th.

BUS to Listowel from Knockanure every Wednesday c 10.15 am, book at 1890 528 528.

PLOUGHING Match in Laois from 22nd to 24th September. See local notice boards for buses.

DEATH: Mary O’Connor (née Kennelly) Keylod, Moyvane, died on the 4th of September, 2015 surrounded by her loving family, daughter of the late Bill and Theresa. Survived by her Husband  Pat, son Jamie, and partner Lisa, daughter Therese and husband Jeff, grandchildren Robbie and Riley, brothers Paddy, Mike, and Billy, sister Margie, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces and  relatives. Requiem Mass for Mary was celebrated on Monday, the 7th of September at the Church of Corpus Christi, Knockanure and burial afterwards in Ahavoher Cemetery, Mass was celebrated by Fr. McNamara PP assisted by Fr McMahon and Fr O Callaghan. Hymns and music was provided by Mickey O Connell and Wane Taren. Mary will be remembered by all who knew her. She was very involved in establishing the Monthly Social Day in Kockanure.

DEATH took place recently of Liam Taylor of Athea and Birmingham and John O Keeffe a member of Listowel Choir.

DEATH of Hugh Courtenay the eighteenth Earl of Devon on 18th August 2015, his ancestor Sir William Courtenay was granted 1,000s of acres in West Limerick in the 1580s following the fall of the Earl of Desmond.

ANNIVERSARIES: Br. William Kelly, Nora Galvin, Eamonn Riordan, Mary Vaughan, John Sheahan, Joan Teresa Stack, Desmond Fitzgerald, Bridie Moloney, Sr Annunciata Curtin, Fr Theo O Sullivan, Bridget Brosnan, Geraldine Daly, Ned Moran, Michael J Nunan, Mai McMahon, Sr. Johanna Leahy, James Dower, Mai Costelloe, Mai Broderick, Tom Kennelly, Bill O Donnell, Mass in Moyvane on Tuesday 15th at 7.30 pm for Hanora & Michael Galvin and deceased members of Galvin Family. Mass on Sunday 20th for Paddy Fitzmaurice at 11am.Mass on Monday 21st at 7.30pm for Nellie O Connor.

MASS in Knockanure Sunday 20th at 10am for Ester and Dan Fitzgerald, special intention. Mass in Moyvane on Friday 18th at 9.30am special intention Mary Pender.

READERS: Moyvane Vigil, Michelle Corridan, 11am Amanda Coulson & Aine OConnor; Knockanure 10am Patricia and Andrew Rogan.

SAMARITANS open evening at Manor West Hotel on September 16th.

ARAS MHUIRE Charity concert at Tintean, where the Dursey Male Voice Choir will perform at 7.30pm on 25th September.

ALL IRELAND September 20th, people from home and abroad are searching every avenue in the hope a finding a ticket.

PATTERN DAY in Ballyheigue attracted a great crowd in glorious weather, many locals present.

SHANNONSIDE WOMENS GROUP will hold a used clothes collection on Thursday 24th Sept from 8am to 10am in the Church carpark, Tarbert.  Proceeds of this collection will go to the Leah Carmody Fund and your support will be greatly appreciated.  All clean ladies, gents & children’s clothes, shoes, bags, sheets, curtains etc are acceptable.

BOOK: Kay Moloney Caball who has many relations in the parish, recently launched her new book called, Finding your Ancestors in Kerry.

NATIONAL EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS 2015 (KNOCK) The National Eucharistic Congress will be held in Knock on Sat 26th and Sun 27th of September. Full programme of talks, workshops and prayer. Dedicated Youth Programme, Children’s Programme and events for Families. Admission free. All welcome. For full details visit:

TOASTMASTERS Meetings take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at the Desmond Complex in NCW from 8.30pm – 10.30pm.Further information Charles 087 7972855.

LISTOWEL FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRE are offering a wide range of courses to suit all interests and tastes during the current academic term including the following; Parents Plus for 0-6. 6-11 and teens respectively, beginners computers. Intermediate computers, cooking on a budget,

Fetac certified courses include: Occupational First Aid, craft textiles. Horticulture, digital, internet skills and Microsoft Word. Contact (068) 23584 for further details.

GLORACH Theatre in Abbeyfeale, new play opening on September 30th.

THOUGHT: You will have no test of faith that will not fit you to be a blessing if you are obedient to the Lord. I never had a trial but when I got out of the deep river I found some poor pilgrim on the bank that I was able to help by that very experience
A.B. Simpson

NEWSPAPERS: Kerry Sentinel 25-2-1899 page 4 reports on the selection of a candidate for the Tarbert district of Kerry County Council. This is an edited version.

The Chairman G B Fitzgibbon proposed the following resolution, which was seconded by Mr. John Moran, Leanmore, Ballylongford, and adopted : That as Mr. M. J. Nolan publicly stated at Leanmore that he would not submit to the decision of a convention held in Tarbert for the purpose of selecting a representative on the County Council, we now adopt Mr. T. M. O’Connor as candidate, and call on the Nationalists of the seven divisions of the Council district to give their united support against the jobbery so strongly and justly condemned by Judge Shaw and the people, and which has made the name of the Listowel Board of Guardians a bye word throughout Munster (cheers).

Mr. T. M. O’Connor, who on coming forward was received with cheers, said that his name had been submitted for their acceptance, and it was necessary for him to say a few words (you’re welcome). When the Local Government Act had been passed he stated that he would not come forward as a candidate for the County Council, but having been pressed by a number of electors, some of whom were voters in Kilcolgan and Tarmons who had voted against him at previous elections, he consented to allow his name be brought forward, and relied on all classes of the electorate for their support. If they considered that he would not faithfully and diligently promote their interests they had the remedy in their own hands, and no matter what the result of the contest which was being forced on the division would be they would not be the worse friends (cheers). He had nothing to gain, but something to lose, by contesting the division. He did not want to force himself on the people. He had been a guardian for a few years, and during that period endeavored to perform his duty honestly. His experience of public business was by no means pleasant. He fought many a hard battle with the ruling ring, and was howled down by the force of the majority. Still he endeavored to do his duty against odds of which the outside public could form no idea. People reading the newspaper reports of the meetings of the Board of Guardians believed that the members whose names appeared were present during the transaction of the whole business of the Board. Some guardians were credited with being connected with the jobs which were from time to time perpetrated, though, as a matter of fact, they might have left the meeting hours before the job came on, which was usually at the tail end of the proceedings, when the jobbers were in a large majority. He had in his hand a list showing a few of the most flagrant and glaring abuses of public funds accomplished by the ruling ring of the Listowel Board of Guardians, such as the medicine contract, the Ballyduhig cottage, and the seed supply, the abuses connected with which had been so severely criticized by Judge Shaw directly at the Listowel Quarter Sessions and indirectly at Killarney. By the medicine job the ratepayers had to pay 20s for drugs which could be procured from other respectable druggists for about I6s. The public were familiar with the details of the Ballyduhig cottage. They knew how a man, the father of six children, handed in a representation for a labourer’s cottage in ’92, and how, when the cottage was built in ’97, he was ousted by a beardless boy in the employment of Mrs. Browne. Was that doing justice to the labourer whose cause the chairman of the ring and his senior lieutenant, Mr. E. Walsh, V.C., who piloted the cause of the beardless boy with more bluster than intelligence, were now so vigorously advocating. The Local Government had asserted that the action of the ” ring” in the matter of the Ballyduhig cottage was a proposition of the powers vested in the guardians under the Labourers’ Acts. With regard to the seed supply, the senior lieutenant of the ” ring” was voted £18 by his pals, but Judge Shaw considered that £5 would handsomely remunerate him for the wear and tear of his body and mind (laughter and cheers). Mr. Nolan, who championed the ratepayers at Presentment Sessions, was instrumental in throwing out a piece of flagging in Tarbert which would cost about £5, but three months afterwards —also, of course, in the interests of the ratepayers—he was instrumental in getting one of the largest ratepayers in Tarbert to propose an expenditure  for the flagging of Newtowndillon, amounting to  £95. That action might be regarded as inconsistent in another man, but it was in keeping with Mr Nolan’s whole record, which was a catalogue of inconsistencies (laughter and cheers). They were all familiar with Mr. Nolan’s action with regard to the proposed railway from Tarbert to Listowel via Ballylongford. He publicly solicited subscriptions for the purpose of opposing a grant of £100 at four per cent to enable the promoters to compulsorily acquire land. He stated at the Assizes that he would not oppose the railway if the line ran close to Gale Bridge —a route which would entail an additional outlay of £15,000 on the original estimate. The additional outlay was light when they considered the personal advantages which Mr. Nolan’s would enjoy by the deviation from the original plan. There was another matter of serious importance to the ratepayers. He referred to the striking of the rate of ’97, by which the ratepayers of the Listowel Union lost about l.75d in the £ perhaps for ever owing to the bungling of the ” ring.” He (Mr. O’Connor) strongly advocated the necessity of adopting the clerk’s estimate without alteration, as he was aware that the rate of ’97 would be taken as the standard year under the Local Government Act. Mr. M. S. O’Connell also favoured the adoption of the Clerk’s estimate and seconded his motion, which the chairman refused to accept, and thus deprived the ratepayers of £500 annually. It looked as if there was an object in the chairman’s action, as the ” ring” reduced the rate of Newtowndillon by 11d in the £, while they refused to reduce a single penny in the Tarbert division at the following meeting. He would not enumerate other jobs and blunders. In conclusion be thanked the meeting for the cordiality of their reception, and promised, if elected-, to act as a consistent Nationalist, to expose jobbery wherever it came under his notice, to cut down expenditure and promote all projects tending to develop their industries, and to afford employment, and would never act the flunkey (cheers).

A hearty vote of thanks having been passed to the chairman, the proceedings terminated.

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