Knockanure Notes – 5th September, 2007

CHURCH owns about 2,000 hospitals, clinics and rest homes in Italy, in Rome they have, 250 schools, 580 institutes, convents and monasteries, 18 hospitals, and 65 rest homes.

THOUGHT: This did not once so trouble me, That better I could not love thee; But now I feel and know, That only when we love, we find, how far our hearts remain behind, the love they should bestow, Richard Chenevix Trench. Quotes from Albert Einstein: I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

SYMBOLS: Saint Pius V – a rosary; St. Peter keys; Saint Zita groceries; St. Joseph – a square; St. Ambrose – scrolls of music or beehive, The Infant of Prague and Mary Queen of the Universe -an orb; Saint Vincent de Paul, St. Anthony and St. Christopher are shown holding a young child; Saint Jerome holding a rock; Saint Cecilia a harp; Saint Jude a shield; St. Clare- a monstrance.

HISTORY: A footprint of a sandal with iron hobnails on the soles was found on the boundary wall of the ancient city of Hippos also called Sussita situated near the Sea of Galilee, the sandal was of the type worn by Roman soldiers, it is thought that Jesus may have visited the place also. Snippets from The Kerry Evening Post of August 8th 1857: Reports alarming rumours from India, Delhi massacres, Mussulmans are to rise and kill the European infidel, the paper carries list of various atrocities committed by the rebels, more transports are preparing to sail for India to restore order. The Mohammedans were the ruling class in India since 638, and the British superseded them. Another report in the paper suspected that Russia had made a treaty with China. The August 19th edition continues with letters from India and the plight of Europeans and soldiers, a list of people who escaped and are alive is also printed; Violent thunderstorms and torrential rain occurred in England, the temperature in the morning shade was 60 to 66 degrees on Friday, at noon while the rain was falling the glass rose as high as 70 degrees in London, lightening struck the gasometer containing many hundred thousand feet becoming ignited, but it was put out and firemen were not needed; A big account of the Inauguration of the O Connell Monument is given, one banner read “We followed him when living, we honour him when dead”, all the trades had their banners, the Young Men’s Societies and the Temperance Society took part and played appropriate marches, all the City dignitaries attended the unveiling was done by the Earl of Dunraven who gave an account of O Connell’s life and work. The Kerryman of February 16th 1929 carries more information on the Liberator and the preparations for the Centenary of Catholic Emancipation, Dan established the Catholic Association in 1824 at the first two meetings they could not find a quorum of 10 members, but on the third attempt to hold the meeting they were still short so O Connell induced two Maynooth students to fill the quorum that was necessary.

Kerryman’s Killarney notes for first week of January 1947 complains that Killarney is now haggard, drawn and pitiful and scarcely recognisable are the features that were once so beautiful and serene, all for the root of evil, without a single voice raised in protest.

ROADS: Drivers are four times more likely to have a collision on a two lane road than on a dual carriageway, half of fatal crashes take place when vehicles cross the centre of the road. Road Safety strategy 2007-2011 will concentrate on education, engineering, enforcement and evaluation. Rules of the road was recently delivered to all homes in the Parish, these books will end up in the dump like all the free literature, that is delivered from time to time, who can find the vitamin tablets which were sent to homes to protect against a nuclear leak across the Irish Sea. Now that we have a government with a shade of green, it is time to charge for all government information literature and see what happens.

OLD Bonded warehouse at Strand Street Tralee was torn down last week, fine pine planks were plainly visible at the site, these planks may have been brought in to Tralee by ships like the Jeanie Johnson, and it is a duty to see that the old planks which are in good condition are used again for restoration work.

MUSICAL archive is being compiled at Seanchai, details from Micheal Kelliher.

BEST Wishes to Sr. Peggy Barry of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace who recently marked the 60th anniversary of her entrance to the convent, Sr. Peggy is a native of Lisselton.

EMMET’S are marking the 50th anniversary of their club with celebration of mass at their Club House on Friday Sept. 7th at 8pm, other events will be held on the following day , details from 068 21369.

PATTERN Day at Ballyheigue is on September 8th, it is also the Open Day at Ardfert Retreat Centre; Fr. Bill O Carroll will lead a walk from Tralee to Ballyheigue on Saturday morning of the Pattern starting at 6am from the Dominican Church.

SCHOOL: As pupils go back to school this year they will be thinking of the past sunless summer with few opportunities to visit the seaside, parents will grumble about the cost of books and the waste of piles of useless school books, the department of education and teachers should get their act together and give a longer life to text books. We are still waiting after several years to hear from the group who were looking into the weight of school bags.

Best wishes to Julienne Donegan who is the new principal of Knockanure National School. Congratulations to Mary Mulvihill of Keylod who taught the All Ireland winner Saoirse O Connor who came first in the English Singing in the 12 to 15 years age group at the recent Fleadh in Tullamore;