Moyvane Boro Brigade Run/Walk Club New Member Guide

Post Race Club Photo

Post Race Club Photo

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Pre Race Photo


What: Boro Brigade is an exercise club for runners/walkers of all abilities/ages. 

When: Every Wednesday at 8pm and split sessions every Saturday 8/9.30am in the sportsfield. 

Why/Benefits: Mission is to bring together members/friends of the Moyvane community and beyond who have an interest in running/walking.

  • Promotes an active & healthy lifestyle for interested members.
  • Motivation and accountability: It’s easy to roll over and go back to bed if it’s just you; you know if you have a group waiting for you, you don’t want to be the one not to show up.
  • Full of diverse personalities who simply enjoy the health benefits and freedom of a good run/walk and want to share that experience with others. Many of them have experienced the loneliness of running in solitude and want a little camaraderie.
  • Social gatherings: Boro Brigade will be very much about having fun – catering for everyone and often arranging a club night out throughout the year.
  • Frequent fun run/walks ranging from 5km, 4 miler/5 miler and 10km.
  • Perfect New Year’s resolution to burn off that Christmas cheer.
  • In direct line with the concept of building/forming community.
  • Mentoring & coaching from Tom Shanahan, who has coached at the secondary school, collegiate and professional level for the past 15 years.

What Else Can You Expect?

  • A complete/thorough training session: Extensive 15-20 minute dynamnic form drill warm-up set, 20 minute main workout set, 10-15 minute warm-down set. A post practice, 15 min core/tone set will be added in the new year.
  • Safer Run/Walk Routes/Locations: In and around Moyvane sportsfield. Other possible locations will be decided.
  • Advice on how to start running, how to avoid injury, how to improve, how to enter events, how to run at different speeds and over different distances.
  • Regular Weekly Runs/Walks: Wednesdays at 8pm and split sessions Saturday 8/9.30am.
  • Conversation Substance:  Runners/walkers all have a pretty universal personality that usually involves excelling at all aspects of life which makes for some interesting conversations.
  • Increased Motivation/Enjoyment: You will get this from running with other people, and you will find that the miles slip past on your long runs/walks as you chat with friends. You know other members are counting on you to be there, to help them, push them, and socialize.
  • Improved Performance: Running in a group is a great way to draw out your competitive streak – you’ll soon set your sights on a club member you’d like to beat. This can be great preparation for races and give you the motivation to keep striving forward and improving your performance.
  • Shared Information: Nutritional advice/tips to enhance performance.
  • Expand Your Social Circle: As already mentioned, you will meet interesting people who are different than you but share some similar interest.
  • Seems Quicker: The time running/walking seems to go quicker when you are socializing. Sometimes you just need to socialize and run, not worrying about anything else.

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