Moyvane Development Association Socio-Economic Development Plan

Our local Development Association have identified the need for a Socio-Economic Development Plan for our area and believe this will be a very positive process, resulting in a robust plan which we can all use to (1) action effective community development as well as (2) secure funding from the various bodies to help achieve our goals.
This planning process will allow for people of all ages to discuss the community’s physical, social, environmental and economic issues and development priorities. This process will therefore ensure our plan is comprehensive, thorough, and beneficial to all.
Once complete, the plan will provide a roadmap with a list of short, medium and long term goals for our community. In order to bring these plans to fruition, we will need community buy in and voluntary co-operation, especially when we want to approach external agencies and government bodies for assistance. We will need to combine the best of bottom-up and top-down approaches to ensuring we do the best for our community as a whole.
Please join us to shape the vision for our community.
See attached information flyer and we urge you to share amongst your members. We’ll look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming meetings.

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