Moyvane Development Association

Moyvane Development Association was formed in 1985 by a group of local people who were interested in brightening up and enhancing the appearance of Moyvane and since 1985 a lot of work has been done which has made Moyvane a brighter place.

Work which has been done since 1985 includes the planting of trees and flowers beds, erecting of “WELCOME TO MOYVANE” signs on the approach roads to the village, extending and repairing of fool, paths, erecting concrete and timber railings, the building of stone walls and the placing of rubbish bins around the village.

In 1996 the Development Association undertook the task of developing a Nature Trail and Village Walk through the village and local woods. This project entailed a lot of work as the woods had to be first cleaned up, a path put down through the woods, new trees planted, and seats and tables for picnic and rest areas put in place.

The walk was officially opened in October 1999, and received the North Kerry Walks Company ‘OPEN GATE PRIZE’ for the work done on an excellent amenity for the community.

The Development Association would not have been able to do any of the work which it has done over the years without the help of local voluntary help, F.A.S. schemes, Kerry County Council, local property owners and local County Councillors, and a lot of fundraising.

The main source of income for the Association comes from the Moyvane Village Festival which it has been organising since 1993 and which takes place on the October Bank Holiday weekend. This festival has been a huge success and along with many events such as a Drag Hunt, Beat on the Street, local concerts, fancy dress parades, a hugely successful Charity Football Match is held on the Monday from which many Charities have benefited over the years.

In 1998 the Rose of Newtownsandes Competition was incorporated into the festival with the winning contestant eligible to enter the selection of the Kerry Rose for the Rose of Tralee.

1999 the Association purchased coloured lights to be put up during the Festival, and also for the Christmas and New Years celebrations.

As we enter the 21st Century Moyvane Development Association continues to work towards making Moyvane a brighter place to live in.


Annual Newsletters

Each year the Development Association produces a newsletter which discusses the Tidy Towns result and their plans for the upcoming year.

Tidy Towns

Moyvane continues to perform well and improve each year in the Tidy Towns competition. Below are the results and review of Moyvane by the Tidy Towns judges.