2018 Moyvane Development Association Newsletter

Moyvane Development/Tidy Towns Newsletter June 2018

Our application for the competition has been submitted, and it’s all systems go to improve on last year’s results. (2017 results attached)

The results for last year show an improvement of 6 marks which brings us to 287 out of a possible 450.

Adjudication time is upon us already and can take place anytime from June to the end of July.

We need your continued support and help to enhance the overall appearance of the village. Adjudicators will take into account everything from house painting, flower displays, gardens, general tidiness and litter control. If you haven’t done so already, you still have time to have another look around and see where you can make some improvements. We have the potential to improve our score further by concentrating on the areas outlined in the adjudicators report.

Regular clean ups will continue over the summer period. We are encouraged by the extra support received so far this year, especially the large number of people who helped with the County Wide clean up in April. We collected a significant amount of rubbish around the village and on the approach roads.

Last year, for the purpose of clean up’s, each housing development & each road/street was looked after by the local residents, this proved very successful, keep up the good work. We would appeal to businesses to keep a watch on the area outside their premises & we request smokers not to litter, & use the containers provided by the bars.

All clean up’s will be advertised locally, weekly clean up’s on Tues evenings.

Please keep playground tidy & use rubbish bins provided or take it home so that kids and everybody can enjoy a wonderful amenity.

The Village Walk & Nature Trail is for everyone’s enjoyment & we appeal to people to keep this area clean & tidy. Some incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour have taken place in this area over the past while. Some trees and hedging have been damaged. Moyvane Development Association fully encourages residents with dogs on a leash to use the walk, please use Poop Scoop bags which are available free of charge at the Post Office.

Dumping of rubbish has been occurring at the Bottle Bank. We would like to remind people that illegal dumping is prohibited and carries a fine of €3000. A CCTV system is in operation here and is monitored by KCC.

Due to a reduction in numbers in our RSS & Solas schemes we are unable to provide a flower watering service this year & we are asking householders to help by watering containers adjacent to them.


As everyone is aware waste reduction and water minimisation are important aspects of everyday life now. Here are a few points to think about to help us in this goal:

  • Use local recycling bins for bottles, cans and clothes
  • Use reusable coffee/tea mugs to reduce waste
  • Watch for, & support local clothes collections e.g. schools, football club etc
  • Avoid using disposable products e.g. use lunch boxes rather than disposable packaging.
  • Remember washing your car with a hose can use up to 300 litres of water!
  • The average bath can take 80 litres of water to fill. A 5 minute shower can use between 30 and 40 litres of water. A 5 minute “power” shower can use up to 100 litres of water!
  • Use a basin for washing vegetables & dishes. Reuse this water to water house plants or those in the garden.
  • Consider installing a water butt to collect rainwater to wash your car or to use in the garden.
  • Check forecast before watering plants…it might rain later!

General Activities carried out during the year

  • New seats placed in Nature Trail
  • Memorial seat placed at Grotto by the Hanrahan Family
  • Extension of Nature Trail with 1,200 native trees and hedging planted by RSS/Solas participants, SSE Staff Tarbert Power Station & Development members
  • Fences painted on approach roads
  • New flower bed planted on Glen road
  • Our application for funding to KCC Community Support Fund was successful & we received €1000 towards planting of trees, hedging & flowers
  • Regular litter clean ups are ongoing
  • Our Village Festival continues to be our main fund raiser. Thanks to everyone who supports us in any way-those who help organise events, those who support the events and a special word of thanks to our sponsors who continue to support us financially
  • Our Nature trail will be closed to the public in the next few weeks to facilitate the laying of a Tarmac surface throughout the complete walk. This will be funded by a very generous Grant received from EirGrid as gesture of thanks for the disruption visited upon the parish by their ongoing cable laying project, Moyvane Development Association will part fund the project.

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