Moyvane Notes 08th June 2020

  1. FR. KEVIN is doing a great job at the moment. His idea to have Mass out the side door beside the car park is a huge success and much appreciated. His Sunday morning Mass going out on You Tube is being watched all over the world and is a wonderful connection for relatives abroad and much appreciated. Conor Hogan is a young man who is playing a blinder. He is the young man behind the video and doing an incredible job. Well done to all 
  2. THE NEW NORMAL At least we are emerging from lockdown and let’s hope we all behave sensibly. We definitely do not need to go backwards! Like all of you I am pretty sick of going nowhere and seeing no one but saying that technology certainly has kept us sane, even if it is only the phone for some. My shopping list every week is like hitting a repeat button, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cream, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cream……..Stay safe.
  3. PASSING ON Fr. Kevin has had a tough time with so many funerals. We have been most unfortunate to lose so many people in recent weeks but none from the virus TG. Anne Prendiville left us on May 13 after a very brief illness. She was instrumental in forming the future generation of young people in Moyvane having spent her working life teaching in Murhur N.S. She retired just four years ago. On May 25 , a young woman, new to the parish, passed away leaving three young children. Bibi Dillon was just 33 when she lost her battle with cancer. Mike Joe Cronin spent only five days in hospital before he passed away and that’s the way he would have wanted it. He was an authority on GAA and indeed most sports, not just current but past also. He read like nobody I know, everything and anything, politics, history and of course sport and indeed many books that to most people would be obscure! The newspaper was big in Mike Joe’s life. Monday was Irish Examiner day to read all the GAA news. Having spent a number of weeks in the Palliative Care Unit in Tralee Pat Joe McEnery lost his long battle with cancer on May 31. He was well known as a member of the Moyvane football team in the sixties and seventies, together with his late brother, Johnny. They were two big men who dominated, mainly, full back and centre back positions. Farming was his passion and up to not long before his passing he was involved in the running of his farm. Willie Pearse also passed away on May 31. Married to Hannah Dore he was a native of Clare. They met and married in London but moved back to Moyvane many years ago. Willie was a quiet man who looked after Hannah, and indeed their neighbour, Betty Moody so he will be sadly missed. Sincere sympathy to all the respective families.

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