Moyvane Notes – 26th July 2021

GOODBYE to Fr. Kevin. It is regrettable that our Bishop has seen fit to remove Fr. Kevin from our parish after such a short time and in the middle of a pandemic. Everything has remained static for the past eighteen months and we have all been encouraged to remain in our own spaces, so to me it makes no sense from a safety perspective. It has been a tough time for everyone but Fr. Kevin has had to deal with so many families who have lost loved ones since the virus took hold.  We have had a horrendous time in Moyvane since the beginning of 2020. In this parish alone we have had 33 deaths. We have lost people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, babies, a mother of a young family. Fr. Kevin has had to deal with all these families and all the sadness that goes with it. At one point he officiated at 3 funerals one week, funerals the next week and 2 funerals the third week, EIGHT funerals in three weeks! Preparations for funerals are not easy, the families have to be advised, readings arranged and homilies prepared. This is quite stressful, he is a man who lives alone, and he is human like the rest of us. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty and there are many in this parish who can testify to that. There is no other parish in this country that has provided more Masses than Fr. Kevin. This was much appreciated, not alone by locals but by the wider community of North Kerry and West Limerick who flocked to the Church car park to hear Mass and tuned in to the radio in their homes. Since he arrived in Moyvane he has turned this parish around. Young people had started to come back to church again. The church is now a comfortable place in which to attend services thanks to his fundraising concerts. The priest’s house has had a makeover and the surrounding area is state of the art. This is my opinion. You may not agree with it and I know there are some in this parish who think otherwise. We are all entitled to our own opinion and sometimes perhaps we do not know the whole story so goodbye Fr. Kevin, stay safe and I hope you enjoy your new parish. You will be missed.

TIMMY NOONAN left this world without getting time to say goodbye. He was a wonderful young man, full of fun, taken from his family and community far too soon. He was everything you would want in a son, brother, partner, uncle or member of any family. His funeral was a true testament to his popularity. It is not normal to see so many young people shouldering their friend from his home to the local church but that was the scene last Saturday.The donation of his organs will, hopefully, be a consolation to his family. Unfortunately it will not bring him back but in time it will be nice to know that there is some of Timmy out there still living and keeping someone else alive. Sincere sympathy to his Mom Tricia, Dad Con, sister Siobhan, brother James, partner Nicola, grandmother Kathleen and his extended family. Sleep easy Timmy. You will not be forgotten in Moyvane.
CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION, MOYVANE: Masses for the week .Wednesday, July  28 Anniversary Mass at 7.30pm for Denis Corridan, Murhur. Thursday, July 29 Anniversary Mass for Jeremiah Mulvihill, Aughrim and deceased members of the Mulvihill and Connolly families. Friday, July 30 Anniversary Mass at 7.30pm for Jerry Clancy, Knockanure. Saturday, July 31 Anniversary  Mass at 7.30pm for Mary & Ned O’Flaherty, Tubbertoureen. Sunday, August 01 Anniversary Mass at 11.00am for Maurice Harnett, Leitrim West.

CHURCH OF CORPUS CHRISTI, KNOCKANURE Sunday, August 01 Mass at 9.30am for the staff and residents of Aras Mhuire Nursing Home (living) and the deceased members of the aforementioned at the request of James Gould.


  1. Monica Tett says

    It sounds like Fr Kevin will be sorely missed and a very hard act to follow. I know Fr Brendan Carmody from his time in our parish in London. He is a different type of personality but was very much missed in our parish when he moved. He is a kind compassionate man with a dry sense of humour. He has historic associations with Listowel too. I am sure he will be welcomed and will rely on a ready pool of volunteers.

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