Parish Newsletter – 20th December, 2015

Parish Newsletter – 20th December 2015


  1. johnny sherlock says

    attention Fr. Kevin mc Namara
    I write to say I agree and support your outrage at the “haunted host” remarks made on Late Late Show. I am a lapsed Catholic but also found “Blind Boys” remarks totally abhorrent. However, having said that, I wish to say to you there is no point in getting hot under the collar (pun not intended) simply because “Blind Boy” and his likes are only wheeled out to create controversy. Unfortunately modern media seems hell bent on publishing the extreme views of extreme people. Sensationalism is what the media seeks and any counter reactions from people such as yourself are right up their alley. More and more the world media is focused on extremists with extreme views who, after all, are in the minority and should not be allowed unbalanced air time. My advice is its best not to react publicly because the likes of “Blind Boy” do not represent anybody other than themselves. Wishing you all the best.

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