What makes a village special is often more than just the beautiful places that can be found around it, the views that can be seen from it or the quaint streets and houses it contains. Instead the greatest attraction within a village is its own people.

And the greatest thing about a small place like a village is that everyone can be famous in the midst of their own neighbours. This is one of the beauties of “country living”, where everyday life is more personal. Each villager is born into a family that is known by the rest of the community and as they grow older, they too become part of the fabric that makes up village life.
Each of us can rely on one another for support and praise as we progress through the different stages of life.

Some of the people from Moyvane have become renowned outside the parish and have traveled far and wide to do us proud in all the areas of their expertise. From the following links you can read about the endeavours and achievements of some of these people: