Video Tour of Moyvane Village

Detailed tour of the houses and businesses that make up the village.
Narration by Gabriel Fitzmaurice.

Tour Part 1 – Listowel Rd with activities in the Community Centre, history of the Church and pupils of the National School.
Length: 5 minutes

Tour Part 2 – Listowel Rd, Glin Rd with dancing and bingo in the Marian Hall.
Length: 6 minutes

Tour Part 3 – Glin Rd with locals outside of Shine’s shop, Tarbert Rd with locals inside McElligotts Shop, footage from the old Carnivals.
Length: 5.5 minutes

Tour Part 4 – Tarbert Rd with locals talking football inside the All Star Bar, music in Kearney’s Bar, cutting meat in Stacks, songs in Enright’s Bar.
Length: 3.5 minutes

Tour Part 5 – Knockanure Rd with photos of the old Church, young scouts on the Nature Trail, inside Kennelly’s Hardware shop.
Length: 4.5 minutes

Aerial Tour of Moyvane and Knockanure
Narration by Dan Keane
Length: 6.5 minutes

Tribute to Con Brosnan
Gabriel Fitzmaurice introduces Con Brosnan Park. Gerry Brosnan, Sean Walsh, Liam Hanrahan and the late Cormac O’ Leary remember Con. Billy Cunningham recites a ballad about Con to the man himself.
Length: 8 minutes

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